Bearans SFM


[SFM/FNAF] The Spectre | Alan Walker

11 мес. назад

Just Save them. Original song:

[SFM/FNAF] The Puppet Song

1 г. назад

Now there's the reason for why lefty is here: In the lefty cutscene in fnaf 6, there are the puppet's arms in lefty, this is because Lefty was programmed for capture ...

[SFM/FNAF] We Are Aware | Dolvondo

11 мес. назад

purple zombie b0i vs zombie killer furry Sorry for the ending, I can't make Good battles. Song:

[SFM/FNaF] Just Gold | Mandopony [OLD]

2 г. назад

oh yes B0i song:

[SFM/FNAF] Follow Me | TryHardNinja [OLD]

2 г. назад

Don't follow dat foking shadow! song:

[SFM/FNAF] The revenge of the son. | Centuries + Emperor's New Clothes [DEAD THEORY]

1 г. назад

WARNINGS This video contains spoilers from the fnaf books about William and The Twisted animatronics. Team William or Team Michael? Make your choice!

[SFM/FNAF] The age of the Aftons | Age of Ultron

12 мес. назад

o B0i i can sleep now. original:

[SFM/FNAF] Up She Rises

9 мес. назад

She is the protector. Song:

[SFM/FNAF] You'll Float too | IT

1 г. назад

you'll fap too BUT IT'S NO FAP NOVEMBER ok no.

[SFM/FNAF] What's inside Lefty?

12 мес. назад

m e m e s.

[SFM/FNAF] Foxy test

1 г. назад

Praise the SooS.

[SFM/FNAF/CRINGE] Now look at this L.E.F.T.E

1 г. назад

N E T Scrap Baby model by EndyArts.

[SFM/FNAF/OC] Freddy and the fridge (Italian video)

1 г. назад

Bruh thx The Mario's hat for the voices.

Vapor Reacts #540 | [FNAF 6 SFM] FNAF SONG ANIMATION "The Puppet Song" by Bearans SFM REACTION!!

1 г. назад

[FNAF 6 SFM] FNAF SONG ANIMATION "The Puppet Song" by Bearans SFM REACTION!! Original Video▻ ...

[SFM/FNAF] Don't sleep. | Freddy krueger theme

1 г. назад

spoopy spoopy.

[SFM/FNAF] Karma | meme

2 г. назад

A meme :D ispiration by Sideshow Freddy:

[SFM] 5 AM at Freddy's: The Prequel ITA by giulyagatta97 [REMAKE]

2 г. назад

original: Italian version:

[SFM/FNAF] It's Time To Die | DaGames [OLD]

1 г. назад

after 1 month it's done :D i don't like the remake so I animated this version Nightmare Springtrap by YouOgreLord.

go get'em!

2 г. назад


[SFM/FNAF] a Funtime Freddy's day

2 г. назад

NO ONE IS HERE* idk this is an italian voice of Funtime Freddy made by a friend C:

10 мес. назад

I'm working on robotic movements, so i made this. original video: