Benny Rogmans



7 г. назад

Benny rogmans seminar "take down"

3 г. назад

This video made 3000 views in the first 24 hours on Facebook. Yeah I know it's nothing, BUT I posted it and if I get 100 views i call it a record. This is Benny ...

Benny 'UXO' Rogmans

6 г. назад

Re-uploaded this video and made some changes! This is Benny Rogmans also known as the owner of the biggest gym in Belgium Team Topfighter!

Fights at the Border MMA - Daan Kooiman vs Benny Rogmans

1 г. назад

fights at the border, ufc, daan, kooiman, benny, rogmans, mma, mixed martial arts, belgium.

seminar Benny Rogmans "ground control"

3 г. назад

Some mma moves from the best mma trainer in Belgium europe...

Mara Vettenburg

2 г. назад

MMA fight

12 г. назад

this is my stephfather fighting after the previews of our "Team Topfighter" He fought in Russia at AFC (Word Championship) etc. The video doesn't have sound ...


4 г. назад

tom beockmans vs oki bolaji

3 г. назад

SHC 10 : Ricardo Van Veelen vs Abi El Khalfi

3 г. назад

Worldtitle fight MMA -70 kg Strength and Honour Championship 10 : Abi el Khalfi VS Ricardo Van Veelen.