Big Cat Rescue


How to Feed 100 BIG CATS!

4 г. назад

With 67 acres and almost 100 exotic cats, feeding time at Big Cat Rescue is a full scale operation! Take a look at how we do it.... BIG CAT TV is a close look into ...

Big Cat Popsicles!

4 г. назад

How do lions, tigers and leopards stay cool and refreshed during the summer? ... Big Cat Popsicles of course! This song is called "Cooking Cha Cha" by Frank ...

Big Cat Rescue Prepares For A Tropical Storm

1 г. назад

As a tropical storm/hurricane approaches, we are at the sanctuary preparing for the weather. Watch as we prepare to weather the storm. BIG CAT TV is a close ...

Never Turn Your Back on BIG CATS!

4 г. назад

Tigers, Lions, Leopards and all other species of big cats are WILD animals, they will always have their wild instincts and as this video illustrates they will never ...

Valentine's Day At Big Cat Rescue!!

11 мес. назад

Watch as we celebrate Valentine's Day with our big cats. See the tigers enjoy the purr-fect Valentine's enrichment! Happy Valentine's Day! BIG CAT TV is a close ...

BIG CATS like boxes too!

5 г. назад

Tigers, Lions & Leopards love boxes too! Just like domestic cats! Subscribe to our Website: Follow Big Cat Rescue on Twitter ...


9 г. назад

Roar, meow, growl, purr ... !!!CHECK OUT THE RESPONSE VIDEO - Snow Leopard HELLO!!! Big Cat Rescue ...

Feeding Time With The June Birthday Big Cats

3 г. назад

Watch as we take a small feeding tour with the big cats with June birthdays. Big Cats love feeding time! BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations ...

Do Big Cats Like Water?

4 г. назад

We all know domestic cats don't really like water? But what about tigers, lions and leopards? ... We decided to give kid's pools to some of our cats to find out!

Top 5 Most Popular Big Cats

2 г. назад

Get up close and personal with five of our most popular and asked about big cats Zabu white tiger, Mac cougar, Jumanji black leopard, Mickey cougar, and ...

Do Tigers Like MARMITE?

5 г. назад

Marmite you either love it or you hate it.... But what about tigers, lions and leopards? Big Cat Rescue decided to find out and we got some funny reactions!

How to clean 100+ BIG CATS!!

7 г. назад

BIG CAT RESCUE is the World's Largest Accredited Sanctuary that is dedicated entirely to exotic cats, we are home to over 100 unwanted, abandoned and ...

3 New Cats Call Big Cat Rescue Home

7 мес. назад

Meet our newest rescues of a serval named Zucari and 2 caracals named Cyrus and Chaos. Check out their story as we welcome them to Big Cat Rescue!

The Rescue Of 5 New Tigers

1 г. назад

We took in 5 new tigers from a failed pseudo sanctuary called Serenity Springs. This makes a part of the biggest big cat rescue in the history of the United States.

Big, Bad, Scary Lion?!

8 мес. назад

In most of our videos featuring Nikita lioness, she comes off scary and aggressive. Find out why that is and if she acts like that all of the time with our staff and ...

Beating The Summer Heat At Big Cat Rescue

3 г. назад

Being that we are located in Tampa, Fl we all know it gets HOT! Check out how we keep our volunteers and interns cool and our big cats. BIG CAT TV is a close ...

August Big Cat Birthdays: Lion Gets A Special Treat

2 г. назад

Watch as the August birthday big cats, Max bobcat and Aspen Echo cougar, get fed and Joseph lion gets a special birthday treat. BIG CAT TV is a close look into ...

Tiger Surgery - Big Cat Rescue

6 г. назад

Modnic a female tiger who was rescued in 2007 from Savage Kingdom in Florida, undergoes surgery to remove cancerous tumors. (*Some graphic scenes of ...

Lion VS Turtle at Big Cat Rescue

1 г. назад

See what happens when a wayward turtle is discovered by Cameron the Lion. Think you have what it takes to work with lions, tigers and turtles? Check out ...

The Rescue of Hoover The Peruvian Circus Tiger

2 г. назад

Hoover was rescued from the Peruvian circus when they made the ban for using wild animals in shows. Watch his journey to Big Cat Rescue. Learn more here: ...

Meet Cooper The Rehab Bobcat

6 мес. назад

Just as we release one bobcat back to the wild, we get a call about a bobcat kitten who raided a lady's chicken coop. Music from Epidemic Sound ...