Brian Coukis The 90


Brian sings the Jimmy Neutron theme song

9 мес. назад

This is me singing the theme song to my favorite TV show.

Dance Along with the Snorks song by Brian

7 мес. назад

I did a parody of the Snorks theme song "Come Along with the Snorks" that was used in Seasons 3-4 called "Dance Along with the Snorks" where I added my own lyrics in it (except for the line...

Brian Coukis the 90's Kid opening sequence

2 г. назад

This is an opening intro I made for vido\eos I make on Live Movie Maker.

Happy New Year! 2017

1 г. назад

Happy new year!

Magic Sing Opening sequence

1 г. назад

This is the jingle that comes up when you start Magic Sing Karaoke and when you win at Song Contest mode.

Mad Scientist End Credits

9 мес. назад

The closing credits to a direct-to-video called Mad Scientist (1988) on VHS.

Sour candy taste test challenge

6 мес. назад

This is a sour candy taste test challenge from my cousin Risha with Warheads.

The Goya people sing Christmas carols at my Yiayia's house

3 мес. назад

The Goya (a.k.a The Greek Orthodox Youth Association) came to visit Yiayia's house and sing Christmas carols.

DNA Productions logo still in development

1 г. назад

This is the DNA Productions logo still being made in the animation studio. DISCLAIMER: I DON'T own any of this footage!! All rights belong to their rightful/respectful owners!!! For entertainment...

It's Brian Coukis!

8 мес. назад

This is my dance to the ending credits song for the 1980's cartoon, It's Punky Brewster.

Ignition Entertainment Logo

1 г. назад

From Mercury meltdown revolution.

Brian the Champion!

8 мес. назад

Me playing a game of Cup n' Ball.

"Brian Sings Again" blog

6 мес. назад

Today at school in my music class, I sang the Star Spangled Banner so well and used my head voice just like my music teacher Mr. Forcucci told me to use. Everyone was surprised and they really...

Brian Coukis Home Video Logo (2017)

8 мес. назад

A logo I made that I will put at the beginning of some of my videos, and it features a cartoon version of me. I hope you like this!

The Foofur Dance

9 мес. назад

I'm dancing to the Foofur theme song.

My Happy New Year Video

3 мес. назад

Me, Risha, Yiayia, and Daddy are getting for 2018. Happy New Year! Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018.

Denver the Last Dinosaur End Credits

6 мес. назад

These are the ending credits to Denver, the Last Dinosaur.

Halloween blog and showing my halloween candy

5 мес. назад

This is a blog about my halloween yesterday and I got a lot of candy while trick or treating.

Brian Dances to the Kissyfur Theme Song

4 мес. назад

I'm dancing to the theme song for the 1980's DiC cartoon called Kissyfur.

Yiayia Reacts to my new bedroom

4 мес. назад

My Yiayia said it was very nice. Happy Thanksgiving!

DNA Productions vlog

2 г. назад

This is a vlog about two of my favorite directors, Keith Alcorn and John A. Davis who own the production company, DNA Productions. They are best known for creating my favorite show ever,...