Pathfinder #H4F3 L.E.D comparison to incandescent H4

4 г. назад

This is a comparison of a stock H4 incandescent bulb in a GL1100 headlight with the Pathfinder L.E.D #H4F3 2000 lumen 18 watt.

Dan filipi vs Gaz Kendrick

7 г. назад

This is a compilation of clips I've put together of my two mates just messing about at work. Enjoy.

Sta mi je potrebno za jedan dan/Filip i Iva/

11 мес. назад

Bok mi smo Filip i Iva.Filip ce uvijek glumiti a Iva ce snimati..ps:ruzan je ko smrt Subsribee.

GL1100 Carb sync part 1

8 г. назад

Link to gauge set. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vacuum-Carburetor-Synchronizer-carb-sync-Gauge-Honda-GS-CB-KZ-550-650-750-850-/110874587472 Look ...

2017 BMW, 2015 Ducati tunnel runs

1 г. назад

2017 BMW S1000 RR, then 2015 Ducati Panigale 1299.

GL1100 timing belts change part 1

6 г. назад

Procedure is the same for a GL1000 and a GL1200.

GL1100 Cylinder honing

6 г. назад

The rack soaking in atf and diesel fuel

6 г. назад

Day one of the 83 rack soaking in a mix of automatic transmission fluid and diesel fuel.

Honda GL1200 High Performance 8k (+) RPM Goldwing, Vid 1 ;-)

3 г. назад

1 barrel Solex on top of Type 4 manifold, home made 1 inch runners, C5 ignition. Engine is otherwise a stock 1984 GL1200 in a 1983 GL1100 frame and ...

1200 radiator bubbles

9 г. назад