Gary McGoff


Gary McGoff Is A Piece Of Crap.

5 г. назад

I share another asshole that takes advantage of the sick and sometimes desperate. Original video: This video is ...

T.I's - Was Gary McGoff Involved In The Scam?

6 мес. назад

See my dirty cop scam video for the details of what was attempted. Gary McGoff has insinuated himself into the T.I. community and classifies himself as a ...

Gary McGoff - An Open Letter For The Ex-Cop...

11 мес. назад

I've contacted Gary McGoff - repeatedly - & asked him to remove my video link on his Facebook page that he posted on 3.11.18. He has yet to do it. I disavow ...

Follow-up: Gary McGoff - EXPOSED

10 мес. назад

I'll add in some additional thoughts I didn't address later. I'm too busy today.....

Apostle Gary: Why I Think You ARE a WITCH, and Evil. For 'CHRISTIANS'

11 мес. назад

If you are speaking to me, you are speaking to your Deliverance minister. Redeem the time- take advantage of it, to the glory of God, in Jesus Christ's name, and ...

Is ALL Mental Illness Demonic? YES! ADHD, Aspergers, ADD, Autism,Dyslexia,Whatever

4 мес. назад

I explain why ALL mental illness, or dysfunction, disability is demonic. And, briefly, WHY you are able to cast it out, and command PHYSICAL healing, Christian.

Deliverance from a Spirit of Ugly

2 нед. назад

Got Ugly? This is for you!

Why SELF DELIVERANCE WON'T WORK For You, and Manifesting While Listening To Deliverance

4 нед. назад

There is such a thing as 'Self Deliverance', BUT, YOU CAN NOT DO DELIVERANCE ON YOURSELF. Here's why. Gary's email to set up Healing or Deliverance ...

Deliverance Session w/ Gary: 1st Full Deliverance

12 мес. назад

Whether you are new to Deliverance, or have been seeking Deliverance- this is a session for you.

Deliverance: No Trinity, No Deliverance. Know Jesus, Know Deliverance

1 дн. назад

I can not pray for someone's Deliverance, who does not know Salvation; Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

BEFORE Skype DELIVERANCE! Are You Experienced? Been Thru Deliverance Before?

4 дн. назад

Had Deliverance already? Why it is so important you share with me your prior experience with Deliverance. Gary's email [email protected]

Apostle Gary: WHAT Witches Do In Your Church, Chat, Groups (NOT Charismatic Witches)

3 г. назад

Witches- how they infiltrate and work in churches, Christian chats, groups, organizations, social media.

Deliverance: Having A MENTAL BREAKDOWN, and Need Help NOW?!

3 дн. назад

How to PRAY, if you can't even THINK!

Commenter - Gary McGoff is a Bible Worshipper [sic]

1 г. назад

My response in comments below.

Deliverance: From Yourself. How and Why Christians Keep 'Their' Demons, and Demonic Oppression.

2 мес. назад

Gary's email - [email protected] for Healing and Deliverance prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Street Preaching: Devil Shows Up, Mardi Gras, Demonic Manifestation

11 мес. назад

Clip from TeamJesusPreachers upload

Deliverance Live Stream: Remove, Cut and Seal. Kings and Queens. John Chibwe

2 мес. назад

Deliverance Live Stream from Zimbabwe, John Chibwe. 23 December, 2018. Merry Christmas!

Deliverance: What Gary is NOT telling you. (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

5 мес. назад

This was made in particular, with one person in mind, though it applies to MOST everyone, I believe. While all people have several, and up to, legions of demons ...

Christian Prosperity, Wealth & Health! Foundation Scriptures. God Confirms Covenant, 3 John

1 нед. назад

In a series of "Prosperity (Wealth)" scriptures- here is one of the pillars. Gary's email for Healing and Deliverance prayer [email protected]

Deliverance Question: Can I Go To A Nearby Catholic Church For Deliverance?

2 нед. назад

Answering a commenter's question. ... Gary's email for Healing and Deliverance prayer [email protected]