Gary McGoff


Gary McGoff Is A Piece Of Crap.

4 г. назад

I share another asshole that takes advantage of the sick and sometimes desperate. Original video: This video is ...

CHANNEL INTRO Gary McGoff Channel Healing and Deliverance

2 г. назад

Whether you got an 'invitation' or not, welcome to the INTRODUCTION! Please leave your prayer requests at [email protected], or, send me a ...

Gary McGoff - An Open Letter For The Ex-Cop...

9 мес. назад

I've contacted Gary McGoff - repeatedly - & asked him to remove my video link on his Facebook page that he posted on 3.11.18. He has yet to do it. I disavow ...

Deliverance: At Home SELF DELIVERANCE, Demonic Harassment, Healing Blockers

9 мес. назад

Gary's strategy for at-home self Deliverance. Gary's EMail [email protected]

Deliverance Session w/ Gary: 1st Full Deliverance

10 мес. назад

Whether you are new to Deliverance, or have been seeking Deliverance- this is a session for you.

Apostle Gary: Why I Think You ARE a WITCH, and Evil. For 'CHRISTIANS'

9 мес. назад

If you are speaking to me, you are speaking to your Deliverance minister. Redeem the time- take advantage of it, to the glory of God, in Jesus Christ's name, and ...

DELIVERANCE: Sat. Night Warfare, Janet Deliver. from WITCHCRAFT & DARKNESS

9 мес. назад

Janet's request for Deliverance from Witchcraft and Darkness, and Saturday Night Spiritual Warfare Prayer. ....Divine Healing and Deliverance For YOU, What I ...

ADVICE for Omegaman: LIVE STREAM CAMERA, Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare

10 мес. назад

A strategy for speaking Deliverance, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare into a camera. Advice to any Christian uploading a Spiritual Warfare video.

Deliverance: Still Got Demons? Here's what's NEXT. Terry's Deliverance

6 мес. назад

Terry received her Water Immersion Baptism. She received agreement prayer. Here's what's next.

LAYING ON OF HANDS: What satan, demons & WITCHES DON'T Want You to Know!

9 мес. назад

Reply to commenter about 'Laying on of Hands'. Gary's email [email protected]

Apostle Gary: WHAT Witches Do In Your Church, Chat, Groups (NOT Charismatic Witches)

3 г. назад

Witches- how they infiltrate and work in churches, Christian chats, groups, organizations, social media.

Torben's False Spirits In The Church: A Response from Gary

7 мес. назад

Answering Torben's videos on "False Spirits in the Church". Oops- that's 'Azusa Street', spelling. Gary's email [email protected]

Commenter - Gary McGoff is a Bible Worshipper [sic]

1 г. назад

My response in comments below.

Candle For McGoff & His Friends....

7 мес. назад

I will leave this candle burning until its spent. May all parties involved find peace and forgiveness thru Jesus Christ. God bless Gary McGoff with forgiveness.

Why No Phone Calls

6 мес. назад

Gary's email [email protected]

Deliverance from Despair and Depression

6 мес. назад

When you are in trouble, run to Jesus, and not away from Jesus. Gary's email [email protected]

Deliverance: Ungodly Soul Ties with Deliverance Ministers

9 мес. назад

Discussion of godly, and ungodly, soul ties.

Follow-up: Gary McGoff - EXPOSED

8 мес. назад

I'll add in some additional thoughts I didn't address later. I'm too busy today.....

Gary McGoff: Message to my NEW 'friends' on FaceBook

3 г. назад

A welcome to my new 'friends' on FB.