GregsynthVlog - Episode 11 (11/30/2018)

3 мес. назад

Hello people! Here's the longest GregsynthVlog to date! I had seven pages of questions and they all get answered! Have fun watching and make sure to ...

3. It's In Everyone Of Us (Freddie Mercury-Live At The Dominion Theatre: 4/14/1988)

8 г. назад

Here's a real treat for all of you Freddie fans! This is Freddie Mercury's LAST live performance (after this, he would lip-synch Barcelona--and then work strictly in ...

The One-Year Anniversary Of Gregsynthbootlegs

8 г. назад

After 365 days of dealing with me, I thought that I would make this video to celebrate! This (very long) video is mostly a thank-you to all of my subscribers for ...

Gregsynthbootlegs: The Second Question And Answer Video

5 г. назад

After months of preparation and a few delays, here is the second Q & A video! I answered every single question I got on Youtube or Facebook! Hope you enjoy ...

Gregsynthbootlegs: Announcements And General Information

6 г. назад

A quick video with some announcements! Email: [email protected] Skype: "gregsynth" Facebook Group: ...

Gregsynthbootlegs: The Question And Answer Video

7 г. назад

As promised, here's the question and answer video which is based on all the questions I was asked on my channel comments, inbox, etc. I still cannot believe ...

Gregsynthbootlegs: 2015 Plans

4 г. назад

A short video (by this channel's standards) about what I'm going to do for this year! Any ideas will be welcomed! Hope you guys have a nice 2015!

11. It's A Hard Life (Queen-Live In Birmingham: 8/31/1984) (Upgrade)

5 г. назад

After some delays, I have finally found the time and energy to upload a concert on the channel! This is an improved version of the first Birmingham show ...

5. Play The Game/Freddie Stops Fight With His Awesome Voice (Queen-Live In Dortmund: 5/1/1982)

8 г. назад

Get your Hot Space ON!!! As requested by quite a few people--I'll be uploading a mass upload of Hot Space concerts (also to prepare for the upcoming Hot ...

11. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen-Live In London: 10/6/1977)

9 г. назад

This gig is a special one: On this day, Queen were shooting the official video for "We Are The Champions." Queen Fan Club members were invited to the shoot ...

The Two-Year Anniversary Of Gregsynthbootlegs + Additional Announcements

7 г. назад

Since I did a one-year anniversary video last year, it's time to do this year's video as well! For having over 1300 subscribers, 2 million views, and over 5700 ...

Dedicated to GregsynthBootlegs.......

8 г. назад

I Would Like To Thank You All For Supporting To Queen Rock Band Queen Rocks Forever.

Gregsynthbootlegs - The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Original Video)

5 г. назад

Hi guys! This is the original intended video for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I thought I lost the video - but I found a back-up copy. Glad I found it - it's better than ...

8. The Millionaire Waltz (Queen-Live In Copenhagen: 5/12/1977)

9 г. назад

"Listen to me darlings" as Freddie would say--Gregsynthbootlegs has decided (with some popular demand) to upload this popular ADATR concert! The quality is ...

21. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen-Live In Newcastle: 12/4/1979) (Remaster)

6 г. назад

As if one Newcastle upload wasn't enough, I am going to upload the remastered version of the SECOND Newcastle concert on the Crazy Tour! For this upload, I ...

10. Under Pressure (Queen-Live In Montreal: 11/24/1981)

8 г. назад

Here's my Christmas gift to all of you lovely subscribers! We have the nearly complete audience recording from Queen's first Montreal concert of 1981! With this ...

6. Mustapha (Queen-Live In Oakland: 7/14/1980)

9 г. назад

Do you guys remember this concert? This is the VERY FIRST concert that I've uploaded on my channel! The original description was very short, and contained ...

5. Somebody To Love (Queen-Rock In Rio: 1/12/1985)

7 г. назад

Since the Game Tour debate got postponed (for reasons I couldn't prevent) until June 1st, I am going to pass the time by uploading some more Queen concerts!

21. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen-Live In Liverpool: 12/6/1979)

1 г. назад

All right you crazy and wonderful subscribers! Here is an upload that I'm 100% sure will get tons of comments, discussions, and debates! Recently, a generous ...

4. Somebody To Love (Queen-Live In Newcastle: 12/3/1979) (Remastered)

6 г. назад

How the hell are you people doing?!?!?!?!?! Now that I've gotten the Sheer Heart Attack Debate done and uploaded, some random shit out of my way, and ...

6. In The Lap Of The Gods (Queen-Live In Cologne: 12/6/1974)

9 г. назад

After the many, many, MANY concerts from the 1980s, lets time-warp back to the 1970s: Specifically the Sheer Heart Attack Tour of 1974! This is a gig alot of ...