Jacopo Larcher


Jacopo Larcher on Rhapsody, Scottish E11 7a

2 г. назад

In May 2016 Jacopo Larcher made the fifth ascent of Dave MacLeod's "Rhapsody" (E11 7a - 5.14b/c R), at Dumbarton rock.

La Sportiva Strange Heroes: Jacopo Larcher

1 г. назад

Stranger Things or Strange Heroes? in this new web series, La Sportiva drives straight to the heart of the climber to discover the monster within, a motivation to ...

Babsi And Jacopo Ignore The Bolts On Gondo Crack

6 мес. назад

Check out our trad gear deals: https://goo.gl/mNqpDQ Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher have a pretty good lifestyle. Travelling the world to climb the hardest ...

Summer Solstice In Wales - A Trad Climbing Journey

11 мес. назад

The idea was simple, four super strong rock climbers on a trad-climbing trip to South Wales. Jacopo Larcher, Barbara Zangerl, Roland Hemetzberger and Lara ...

BD Athlete Jacopo Larcher: La Rambla (5.15a)

2 г. назад

Last try, best try … at least for BD Ambassador Jacopo Larcher. While projecting the uber classic La Rambla (5.15a) in Siurana, Jacopo's time was running out.

Jacopo Larcher climbs "Prinzip Hoffnung" [ 8b/8b+ E9/E10 ]

5 г. назад

Bürser Platte, Voralberg -- Austria: Jacopo Larcher has made the third ascent of Beat Kammerlander "Prinzip Hoffnung" (8b/+). Beat bolted it in 1997, but in 2009 ...

Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher: The Story Behind Zodiac | Climbing Daily Ep.1121

3 мес. назад

Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher are a true power couple in climbing crushing some of the hardest routes and biggest walls together. We have a look back at ...

Black Diamond Presents: Babsi and Jacopo Send Zodiac (5.13d) on El Cap

1 г. назад

This past November, BD Athletes Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher went to battle on one of El Cap's most formidable free routes. With some of the hardest ...

The rediscovery of climbing: a new game.

4 г. назад

A short story about Jacopo Larcher's discovery of crack- and trad climbing. What is crack climbing? What does it mean? In America it is one of the most known ...

La Sportiva Strange Heroes: Patxi Usobiaga

12 мес. назад

The La Sportiva “Strange Heroes” miniseries goes ahead and, after meeting with Jacopo Larcher, reveals the monster within the climbing legend Patxi Usobiaga ...

Screw The Bolts! Jacopo Larcher Climbs 8C Sports Route On Trad Gear | Climbing Daily, Ep. 626

3 г. назад

On today's show we talk to Jacopo Larcher about his recent climb of Lapoterapia, an 8C sport route that he climbed on trad gear and also about his recent climb ...

Has Klemen Bečan Made The Hardest Onsight First Ascent In History?! | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 419

4 г. назад

On today's show we've got news of potentially the hardest onsight first ascent in climbing history. But first, we caught up with Italian Jacopo Larcher to find out ...

Black Diamond Presents: Magic Mushroom

3 мес. назад

On December 10, BD Athlete Babsi Zangerl and Ambassador Jacopo Larcher claimed the coveted second ascent of Magic Mushroom (VI 5.14a)—El Cap's ...

Jacopo Larcher Makes 3rd Ascent of Prinzip Hoffnung, AUT, 8b+/E9-10 | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 255

5 г. назад

www.epictv.com First up we've got a pretty gripping little video showing Jacopo Larcher making the third ascent of Beat Kammerlander's route Prinzip Hoffnung ...

Dumbarton Days: Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher Explore Scotland's Trad Testpieces

2 г. назад

This year, Black Diamond Athletes Barbara Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher traveled to the famed crag of Dumbarton, home to a collection of iconic and extremely ...

La Sportiva Skwama Review: Jacopo Larcher's Favourite Shoe

8 мес. назад

A high performance all round aggressive climbing shoe that is unusually comfortable. One of the main reasons that this is the favourite climbing shoe of Italian ...

JACOPO LARCHER - Video Intervista in Val di Mello

6 г. назад

In Val di Mello, paradiso del boulder italiano, Jacopo Larcher, atleta "La Sportiva", ci ha raccontato la sua passione per l'arrampicata e quella più recente per il ...

In falesia con Jacopo Larcher

3 г. назад

Il giovane e forte arrampicatore altoatesino Jacopo Larcher (http://jacopo-larcher.com/) è stato ospite del CAI Carrara, unito ad altre associazioni locali, nelle ...

Rolando Larcher su "L'aquila e la fenice" (8a) - Falesia Sulfuria - Gola di Frasassi (Genga, AN)

5 г. назад

Rolando Larcher, ospite d'onore al Frasassi Rock Climbing Festival 2013 tenutosi presso la Gola di Frasassi (comune di Genga, prov. di Ancona), organizzata ...

#EVOLVE - A Jacopo Larcher's portrait

4 г. назад

EVOLVE is a portrait of the 25-years old italian climber Jacopo Larcher. Going through the different stages of his career, the video tells how he moved from ...

Jacopo Larcher Torna Ad Allenarsi ed Enrico Si Prepara Alla Sfida Con Stefano | Spazio Verticale 037

9 мес. назад

Nella puntata andremo a parlare di Riccardo Moretti che risulta implacabile dopo la sua prima impresa. Jacopo Larcher invece è di allenamento! Chissà che ...