Ju7641 Rants: Doc McStuffins

5 мес. назад

Doc is really gay.

Dave Rants: Ju7641 S2E35 (NAGASR)

10 мес. назад

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, COMMUNITY GUIDELINES OR TERMS OF SERVICE VIOLATIONS INTENDED! NAGASR = Not A GoAnimate Style Rant If you like Ju7641, you know the drill. Proof he said the N word:...

My Reacts #22 - Behavior Number Chart Day

1 г. назад

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Ju7641 Rants: Team Umizoomi (Nick Jr.)

4 мес. назад

A huge rip-off to Teen Titans.

Ju7641 Rants: Barney & Friends

5 мес. назад

I hope Barney must die.

Ju7641's Doris Starts DTE Season 9/Grounded

2 г. назад

Credit to African Vulture Inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyoQvpMWHhw Star Wars Industries www.starwars.com/ Oddcast http://www.oddcast.com/home/demos/tts/tts_example.php?sitepal...

Ju7641 Rants: MAD (Warner Bros.)

4 мес. назад

A weird show a lot.

Ju7641 Rants: Robot Chicken

4 мес. назад

I hate this show because it ruined my childhood.

Ju7641 Rants: Hannah Montana

4 мес. назад

I used to like this show months ago, but i now hate this show because it's overrated.

Ju7641 Rants: The Little Cars (Vídeo Brinquedo)

4 мес. назад

A huge rip-off to Cars.

Caillou OS

2 г. назад

Worst Operating System Ever!

Ju7641 Rants: Anti Pac-Man

4 мес. назад

This game ruined my childhood.

Ju7641 Rants: Team Rocket (Pokémon)

5 мес. назад

Team Rocket needs to go to hell.

Ju7641 Rants: Frozen (Walt Disney Pictures)

4 мес. назад

If you like this movie, IRYO.

Ju7641 Rants: Fishtronaut (TV Pinguin)

4 мес. назад

I used to like this show 3 years ago, but i now hate this show in 2013.

Ju7641 Rants: Doki (Discovery Kids)

4 мес. назад

Worst show in all time.

[Dedicated to Ju7641] Ju7641 Error

3 г. назад

BEFORE STARTING THIS VIDEO ~ ▽▽ Open the description ▽▽ After the occurrences in this Ju7641 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9uJBXYxjuw, Ju7641 gets dead by Warren Cook....

Ju7641 Salutes: M&M's Shell Shocked

5 мес. назад

I played this game in my childhood.