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4 нед. назад

In this weeks video, I show you where our dogs Ash and Braidy spend most of their time, OUR BACKYARD! It's been a lot of work but my backyard is finally ready ...

Things ALL Girls Say EVERY SUMMER!

4 дн. назад

If you're a girl you know, and if you're a guy you're about to find out… THINGS GIRLS SAY! I've heard so many girls say these things, including myself! Watch to ...

If I LIVED in My Own Backyard! | Survivor Parody

2 нед. назад

Have you guys ever thought about living in your own backyard? Using your pool as a bath, cooking all your meals on your grill? In this video, I really do attempt ...

Can WE Pull an ALL NiGHTER?!

3 нед. назад

I know people usually pull all-nighters to study for school, but I wanted to see if I could do it JUST FOR FUN! Let's see if I can make it through one whole night ...

10 Minute Photo Challenge with JORDAN MATTER & Dance Moms Ellie & Lilly

1 мес. назад

SUBSCRIBE TO JORDAN MATTER'S CHANNEL ▷️http://www.youtube.com/user/jordanmatter?sub_confirmation=1 WATCH OUR COLLAB OVER ON ...

WHAT’S iN MY BACKPACK (End of Year) 2018 | Kamri Noel

2 мес. назад

It's that time of year again! #School is almost out, and it's time to empty out our BACKPACKS! This video always makes me nervous, because I usually only ...

My MORNING Routine for School | Get Ready With Me | Kamri Noel

6 мес. назад

I finally filmed a MORNING ROUTINE video! You guys have been asking for so long, so I finally filmed a video to show you what I do to get ready for school every ...

Kamri & Lily GET SCOLDED by Librarian? | 10 Minute Photo Challenge

3 мес. назад

I did another ugly location photo shoot! I've put up polls on my Instagram story to see if you guys liked the photoshoot video and if I should do another one, and ...

I Bought The First 5 Things INSTAGRAM Recommended to Me! (Summer Edition)

1 мес. назад

I scrolled through my Instagram and bought the FIRST 5 THINGS recommended to me, no matter what it was! This video was inspired by Safiya Nygaard! It's the ...

5 Days of Dressing Like a MALL MANNEQUIN!! | Kamri Noel

2 мес. назад

This week I dressed like a mall mannequin for 5 days! Yes, that means I went to school dressed like a mannequin! We all know that mannequins at the mall can ...

6 AWESOME Swimsuit Looks for Summer | Kamri’s 2018 Swimsuit Haul and Collection

2 мес. назад

Summer is Here! Texas Summers are Hot and long and It's starting to warm up outside already. The best way to cool down is swimming! BONUS! Click HERE to ...

My 1st PROM... with a Broken Foot? | #PROM 2018 Get Ready With Me

3 мес. назад

The wait is over! I know you've all been excited for this video, my Prom 2018 vlog! I spent all week vlogging my school's prom week shenanigans! BONUS!

Trying on PROM DRESSES for the First Time! #Prom

3 мес. назад

Prom 2018 is coming soon! I got asked to prom unexpectedly, and now I need to find the perfect prom dress! My mom, Mindy from CuteGirlsHairstyles, takes me ...

TEEN vs CHiLD: Last Day of School

2 мес. назад

Kimmy is Back! The last day of HIGH SCHOOL is a lot different than I remember it being in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! Here are 10 differences between the last ...

NAME BRAND vs GENERIC Taste Test - Kamri Noel ft. Brooklyn McKnight

5 мес. назад

How good are you at guessing your favorite NAME BRAND vs GENERIC foods? My sister Brooklyn is joining us today, and we are going to play this game ...

Kamri and Bailey Get KICKED OUT of Hobby Lobby? | Craft Store Photoshoot

4 мес. назад

You guys, I've been seeing this Hobby Lobby game pop up left and right and decided to give it a whirl! Photography has been a hobby of mine for a while and ...


4 мес. назад

My brother, Dax, picks my outfits for 5 days! What kind of outfits does he pick, and what will people say? You'll have to watch to find out! I'm not going to lie, I was ...

THE PIZZA CHALLENGE | Kamri Noel & Rylan

5 мес. назад

My sister Rylan joins me today in this fun PIZZA CHALLENGE, a game I've wanted to play on my channel for a long time! What fun and interesting ingredients ...

10-MINUTE PHOTO CHALLENGE in a Fire Station! (ft. The Rybka Twins)

2 мес. назад

SUBSCRIBE TO "THE RYBKA TWINS" CHANNEL ▷ https://www.youtube.com/user/turningtwin?sub_confirmation=1 Be sure to head over and watch our ...

I Copied Brooklyn and Bailey's INSTAGRAM Photos!

3 мес. назад

You're all fans of my twin sisters, Brooklyn and Bailey, right? Watch me recreate some of their best Instagram photos! I picked 5 photos and tried to copy the twins ...

Kenzington Goes Camping | Kamri Noel

2 г. назад

Kenzington Kashmere Clark III goes camping in today's video! How do you think she'll do? Watch our family's last #BehindTheBraids vlog HERE!