Klaus Lelek


Peeping-Tom_Video2.mov BBW-Art of Klaus Lelek 2

7 г. назад

"The Peeping Tom" is an erotic and BBW-Art graphic novel withouts words.

The Art of Klaus Lelek: BBW-Erotic-Artist

8 г. назад

Der Künstler Klaus Lelek besitzt einen ganz eigenen Kunststil. Seine Werke sind voller Erotik und Sinnlichkeit, dabei oftmals sprühend vor Humor, wie er dies ...

My Bavarian Decameron - BBW-art of Klaus Lelek

3 г. назад

This Video is a Tribut of the great Bavarian Author Oskar Maria Graf and the German Illustrator Michael Mathias Prechtl. The amoureus aventures of a Buttler - a ...

Rousseau 300 Jahre - Graphic Novel BBW-Art of Klaus Lelek

7 г. назад

More Information: www.300jahrerousseau.wordpress.com/ (german Website) My name is Klaus Lelek.I am an artist type BBW. On the occasion of Rousseau in ...

BBW-Tarot "The big Arcana" with german poetry-song - Klaus Lelek

5 г. назад

The tarot is more as card of fortune-telling. They are reflection of the magic of late middle ages and early renaissance. The time of alchimists and magicians.

DSDS 2018 | Gruppe 7 - Emilija, Matty, Toranj mit "Umbrella" von Rihanna

10 мес. назад

Sendung verpasst?: http://www.tvnow.de/rtl/deutschland-sucht-den-superstar/ Alle Infos: http://www.rtl.de/cms/sendungen/superstar.html DSDS bei Facebook: ...

29.7.18 Rechte Demo in Wiesbaden. Nazi, Klaus Lelek gegen Antifa.

6 мес. назад

29.7.2018 Rechte Kundgebung in Wiesbaden. Erfolgreicher Widerstand, wenn Rechtspopulisten Antifa als Nazi beschimpfen dann hat das schon was ...

Eroticcomic-tribut-Video - Decameron BBW-Art Klaus Lelek (Langfassung)

6 г. назад

Vielen Dank an Gaijingjoe, Webmaster der fantastischen Seite "www.eroticcomic.info", ein gutes virtuelles Nachschlagwerk und Enzyklopädie für alle ...

Open Gate

2 г. назад

"Offenes Tor" ist das geheime Zeichen einer französischen Konkubine des 18. Jahrhunderts, dass "Verehrer" sie besuchen können. Dies wissen alle, außer ...

The last fucks the landlady - Old-Erotic-Art

1 г. назад

A guitar player visits an hostel. The landlady is immediately in love. one guest after onother goes to bed. Who fucks the landlady?

Hottest story of Decameron - Homage to Fellini

5 г. назад

Peronella and her fun on the big barrel. Free by Boccaccio 7.day -chapter II. Erotic-comic of Klaus Lelek.

Erotic-comic "Favorite of Women"

6 г. назад

Graphic-Novel without words from BBW-Artist Klaus Lelek.

The Best of Boccaccio - Six sexy stories of Decameron

2 г. назад

In the production of this video the first five pictures were interchangend. Excuse me! Boccaccio was an Italien writer of 12. century. His Decameron is the first ...

Pygmalion project - Erotic-comic of Klaus Lelek

5 г. назад

This BBW-art Comic is a mixture of Ovids story "Pygmalion and Galatea" and Mary Shelleys "Frankenstein". A german Artist of the Nazarener- Group created like ...

The real story of Lady Chatterley - Erotic-comic

4 г. назад

BBW-Graphic novel of Klaus Lelek about D.H. Lawrence, his wife Frieda von Richthofen and her latinlover Angelo Ravagli. Scene of this erotic-drama is ...

Big Red Riding Hood and the nice wolf (Version II)

2 г. назад

Better version of my half animated graphic novel and fairy tale for adults. BBW-art cartoon very free by the brother Grimm. German original "Rotkäppcchen"

Erotic-Comic-Tribut-Video-Decameron- BBW-art Klaus Lelek -german version (Kurzfassung)

6 г. назад

More Time? please go to "Langfassung" "Thank you very much" for Gaijinjoe, the webmaster of the fantastic page "www.eroticcomic.info", an encyclopaedia of ...

BBW-Erotic-comic David and Bathsheba

6 г. назад

Second and last part of my Bible cycle. The true erotic-tragedy based on the 2. Book Samuel 11-12,

BBW Art - From Classic to Contemporary

12 г. назад

BBW and SSBBW art.

Decameron of Lorrain - BBW-Art (Short-Version)

5 г. назад

This is the version with cross-faiding of "The Big Abbey on the banks of the Meuse" The erotic adventures of the horny abbot and his big fat mistress and two gay ...

Diana's Venetian Diary- Andu Ava

7 г. назад