Natural Selection Compilation 3

4 мес. назад

to all viewers of kringe* I loev you all as if u were my kids so BEE careful out there in the real world / this video shows what happens when you don't be careful ...

Coma Inducing Cringe Compilation 2

4 мес. назад

hello my name is kringe and i would like to welcome you to my channel my name is kringe and the channel that you are watching is mine, kringe, which is a ...

Coma Inducing Cringe Compilation

4 мес. назад


Voice Crack Compilation 2

1 мес. назад

Original video links - The most delayed voice crack in history: Brock Lesnar delivers epic speech: ...

Insane Cringe Compilation 4

7 мес. назад

Design custom embroidered hats - (Use KR10 and get 10% off on your orders) Video credits ...

Voice Crack Compilation

2 мес. назад

Original video links - GOD BLESS AMERICA Musician almost has his vocals down ...

Insane Cringe Compilation 2

2 г. назад

jack Sparrow *like the type of birds* sparrow is my favorite pirate 4 real guys.

News Cringe Moments Compilation

11 мес. назад

Wtf would you lick someone's ear so that they can put their earpiece in easier? I lick my pet bearded dragon's ear to help clean it for him but that's different.

Ultimate Awkward Compilation 4

5 мес. назад

i sure do hope these folks have life insurance, SIKE this is natural selection at it'$ finest. butt if they do need life insurance I would recommend the geico ...

Cringy Convention Compilation

5 мес. назад

just spent my parents life savings on front row tickets for the logan paul v KSI fight, it better not be a pu$$y brawl!!! Also just deleted my facebook account, friggin ...

Food Review Cringe Compilation

2 г. назад

Miracle wheep Video credits - ...

Ultimate Awkward Compilation 2

1 г. назад

polar bears have fur surrounding the skin on them to protect against frost bite and hypothermia, its the same as what a human would get.

Ultimate Awkward Compilation

1 г. назад

So in my driving course I drove like a normal person would but that gave away that I had driven before hand which means I didn't have my license and my ...

Insane Cringe Compilation 3

9 мес. назад

Like this video if ur cool. PLS DONT FORGET TO LIKE IF UR COOL ,,, I believe in y'all not to let me down on this (both my gas and electricity bill this month were ...

@_Kringe_ - High Tides ft. @Noie_J

4 мес. назад

Houston Artist Kringe teamed up with Noie J on his self produced track titled "High Tides". Video edited by @TheRealFlexGod and Directed by Kringe as Well.

Ultimate Awkward Compilation 3

1 г. назад

"take what you want... not what u cant" -Kringe *also if I see 1 more mesothelioma lawsuit commercial i might go bananas, even though I'm not a monkey!

Idiots With Airsoft Compilation

11 мес. назад

My mom still won't let me get an airsoft gun and I'm in college. What the frig mom if you're reading this let me get one pls. Intro & outro visual effect ...

Food Review Cringe Compilation 3

6 мес. назад

just sit there and imagine all the McDonald's these bad bois eat everyday, *FAST FOOD 4 LIFE* tattooed on their back. Rawr. /frig Burger King though they ...

Awkward Trump Compilation

8 мес. назад

Trump the type of guy to say 'yEah my names chad trump , *my daddy is a lawyer do not touch mee sir * I'm suing trump bc he hurt my feelings while talking on ...

ASMR Cringe Compilation

3 мес. назад

hey guys welcome back 2 th3 vlog!!!! Hope yall liked this video because ASMR is my passion!!!!!! who doesnt like to hear a 600lb brony scratch his my little pony ...

Tennis Rage Compilation

3 мес. назад

hey guys welcome to the vlog, into 2dayz video we will observe tennis players getting mad till the cows come home!!! OH HECK YEA DONT FORGETTT TO ...