Lex Seeraphine


How to draw Zirra -by Seeraphine

2 г. назад

Was asked to do a quick tutorial on how I draw Zirra. Recorded with a webcam so it's not the best quality, but still clear I hope.

Connected Bonds -trailer-

3 г. назад

Trailer of my upcoming comic Connected Bonds. This takes place during the time Malefor attacked the city when he first rose to power. It is a tale of a massacre ...

Squeaking fit

2 г. назад

This is why my Skype avi is what it is XD.

im bored

2 г. назад

I got bored so I put this together 'XD.

Seeraphine and Koneko play Slender

5 г. назад

Two cousins go a little crazy playing Slender. No video. It's just our voices.

WOE -Reluctant Heroes

4 г. назад

I really enjoy doing these little music videos of my comics...hope you like :)

Seeraphine and Koneko play Slender part 2

5 г. назад

We switched places and it only got frustrating XD.

WOE -A Mark of Friendship

5 г. назад

This is a scene in my comic. Added some background music to it. I'll be doing things like this with all of my comics. Either music videos or scenes with music.

ZR -When an Adalisk marks

5 г. назад

What did Zirra really see when she was about to kill Cynder? I will be answering no questions. At least not yet. Song: Prayer -Inuyasha OST.

Sniper Fiora ~speedpaint

3 г. назад

Speedpaint of my Fiora character as the Sniper from TF2 ^_^ I friggin love that game.... (This is Fiora's sonic version, not her original). Hope ya like :)

Angry German Kids MLP headcanons keep getting ruined

3 г. назад

Just write your headcanons when the series is over guys XD.

Fiora ~Speedpaint

4 г. назад

Speedpaint of Fiora ^_^ Hope you like~

Speedpaint -My Dragon

2 г. назад

Despite being such a Ratchet and Clank fan, this is the first time I've drawn a lombax D8 Characters belong to - http://luckylombax.deviantart.com/ Music is from ...

Playing Spyro 2 cont -part 6 -ADORABLE DANCING PIGGYS!!

4 г. назад

I just completely died in this part.

Cynder le presenta a Zirra a Repticoot (Speedpaint)

2 дн. назад

Tiempo real de dibujo: 2 horas y 47 minutos. *Resultado final: https://www.deviantart.com/maurorex4883/art/Cynder-le-presenta-a-Zirra-a-Repticoot-754248114 ...

MauroRex4883 presenta: Dibujos de personajes en el AU de Repticoot.

1 дн. назад

Un recopilatorio de dibujos de algunos personajes que serán parte del comic de Repticoot, algunos serán un cameo, y otros como principales o secundarios ...

Friendship sucks

7 г. назад

This show reminds me of Abridged Tea and her friendship speeches. Audio (c)-LittleKuriboh of Yugioh The Abridged Series.

My Hurricos Glitch

2 г. назад

Figured I should share this at some point. It's something I've known all through childhood XD Dunno if anyone else has discovered this glitch, but here it is.

Fan Adalisks

4 г. назад

Tribute to the awesome fan Adalisks :) Thank you for taking such and interest in my species, I'm very honored.There's still a lot more than just what was featured ...

Cynder&Spyro VO {spyro mute}

7 г. назад

Anybody want to do Spyro's part? If you do, please notify me :)

Zirra's Return -part 5

3 г. назад

Zirra finishes her story and decides to leave, while Spyro is left to ponder what she's said.