Drill Team Presents Diariya (ඩයරිය) ft. Manasick

6 мес. назад

Song title - ඩයරිය Artist - Drill Team Born manasick Special credit goes to ravi J & Rechy for there amazing support!

Drill Team Presents Baisikalaya (බයිසිකලය) ft. Yuki, Samith Gomas & OJ |4K|

3 мес. назад

Song title - බයිසිකලය Artist & Lyrics by Loco Samith Gomes D Minor OJ da tamil rapper Minol Chris vix Ravi jay Drex Manasick Story By Hasanka Wickramarathna & Ravi Jay Director...

Drill Team Presents Yatharoopa (යථාරූප) ChrishVix ft.Yuki

4 мес. назад

Song title - යථාරූප Artist - ChrishVix ft.Yuki Mix and Mastered by Yuki Navarathna (Komodu Studio) Video Directed by Evold Fernando Edited by Ravi Jay (Imagine Devil) Special Thanks...

Born Lord - Drill Team Unka 01

6 г. назад

Born Lord - Drill Team Unka 01 fukk all haterzzz ;)

"Drillamentary" #Cypher2013

5 г. назад

WESTNAA FANS ONLY! Shear and Support Drill Team Locohood Productions Drill Team...

Drill Team - "Unuhuma" ft.Nishan [Mixtape 2013]

5 г. назад

This is a Mixtape for Airplanes by B.O.B. Happy Valentines Day Ppl ;) Artist - Drill Team Song - "Unuhuma" Featuring - Born Lord & Nishan Lyrics - Born Lord & Nishan Malinda Share & Support...

Usama Thanaka (උසම තැනක) - Drill Team Westnahira ft.Yuki

1 г. назад

Drill Team Westnahira - Usama Thanaka (උසම තැනක) ft.Yuki Artists - Loco, Chrish Vix, Minol, Ravi Jay, Yuki, Born Manasick Lyrics - Drill Team Westnahira Produced by - Komudu (Yuki...

Drill Team - Thawa Dawasak (තව දවසක් ) ft. Yuki

1 г. назад

Drill Team - Thawa Dawasak (තව දවසක් ) ft. Yuki Produced mixed & mastered by - Yuki Navarathne Drill Team Official Fan Page Yuki...

Chrish V.I.X ft. Drill Team - "Torrential Theme Song" (MIXTAPE) Official Music Video

4 г. назад

Chrish V.I.X ft. Drill Team TORRENTIAL THEME SONG (MIXTAPE) Mixed & Mastered By : Dilum Thejana Director : Lasantha Pramuditha (Dammika De Alwis Photography Studio) Video & Editing : Harsha...

Drill Team - Ai Yaluwe ft. Loco [Mixtape 2014]

4 г. назад

To Those Mafuckers call us Wack, Drill Team Biatch, We are Back!

Drill Team - ''Sihinaya'' ft. DogLoco

5 г. назад

Share & Support This One Goes Out to All the "Young Girls". Dreams are Dangerous pursuit with Caution.!! Share & Support http://www.face...

Drill Team - Sonduru Vipaakaya [ft.Born Lord & DREX] [Mixtape 2013]

5 г. назад

Drill Team - Sonduru Vipakaya [Mixtape 2013] Featuring.Born Lord & DREX a.k.a Wickramarathna Samagama Like, Share & Support

Drill Team - Duppatha [MixTape 2011]

7 г. назад DUPPATHA..., Itz about Poverty in Sri Lanka, Based on personal experiences of the three rappers BORN LORD, E ROOT & DTS. YEZZIRR!! Itz...

Born Lord - Grease Yaka Part.01

7 г. назад

Born Lord back again with a freestyle yet another true story, about a psychopath (Grease yaka - ran naked durin n8) who scared the hell out the women around athurugirya in past. the funny thing...

Drillamentary #02

4 г. назад

Itz been 3 years since "Zorro" has been release, so wanted to gv some shout out to da drilla family and our fans, and much love tnx and respect to all who shared and support cypher... hadawatinma...

Drill Team Cypher 2014/15 ft. iClown & Fill T, Big Doggy, Omee, Zen, AF

3 г. назад

Artists - Drill Team/Westනාහිර [ E Root, D Minor, Ravi J, Minol, Raptor Ex, Loco, Kalu Malli, ChrishVix, Born Lord] Guest Artists - Fill T, Big Doggy, Omee, Zen, AF Music Composer/Mix...

Drill Team - මාතෘ භූමී (Maathru-bhoomi) ft.Hiran

3 г. назад

Drill Team - මාතෘ භූමී (Maathru-bhoomi) ft.Hiran (6th Lane) Mixed & Master - LOCOHOOD Ent. Produce By Hiran (6thLane) **This is a Final Minute Project Guys So sounds Little...

Drill Team - "Minisathkama" [Mixtape 2013; Official Music Video]

5 г. назад

Artist - Drill Team Song - "Minisathkama" [Loketa One Wenasak pt.2] Featuring - Born Lord & Mashi Lyrics - Born Lord & Nishan Malinda Video Produced by - Luke Spinner Tidball Video Edited...

Drill Team ''The Cypher'' ft. Kalu Malli, KD, Young D Minor, Raptor Ex, Born Lord & E Root

6 г. назад Drill Team z Back Boii, and this time its "The Cypher". We brought the Whole Team for this one "Kalu Malli, KD, Young D Minor, Raptor Ex,...

Drill Team - A/L Kaale ft.Dilum [Mixtape 2011]

7 г. назад

Drill Team - A/L Kaale, diz z what we learn back in school LOL Based on things that happend arround us and some personal experiences. bigg shout-out to "Dilum". This is the Mixtape for %^&%...

Drill Team Presents "The Cypher '13"

4 г. назад

9 Rappers, 6 Minutes of Fire Spiting Raps Yeah Boii Drill Team is Back up in This Bitch With ''The Cypher 2013' ft. Born Lord, D Minor, Minol, Ashan, ChrishViX, SkAty, Kalu Malli, DogLoco &...