Drill Team Presents Diariya (ඩයරිය) ft. Manasick

12 мес. назад

Song title - ඩයරිය Artist - Drill Team Born manasick Special credit goes to ravi J & Rechy for there amazing support!

Drill Team - Duppatha [MixTape 2011]

8 г. назад DUPPATHA..., Itz about Poverty in Sri Lanka, Based on personal experiences of the three rappers ...

Drill Team Presents Baisikalaya (බයිසිකලය) ft. Yuki, Samith Gomas & OJ |4K|

9 мес. назад

Song title - බයිසිකලය Artist & Lyrics by Loco Samith Gomes D Minor OJ da tamil rapper Minol Chris vix Ravi jay Drex Manasick Story By Hasanka ...

Drill Team - Aandolanaya ft.Born Lord [Mix-tape 2012]

6 г. назад

Drill Team - Aandolanaya ft.Born Lord, directed by RAPTOR EX.....Enjoyyyy ;)

Drill Team Presents "The Cypher '13"

5 г. назад

9 Rappers, 6 Minutes of Fire Spiting Raps Yeah Boii Drill Team is Back up in This Bitch With ''The Cypher 2013' ft. Born Lord, D Minor, Minol, Ashan, ChrishViX, ...

Charitha ft.Ravi Jay - "ගලන ගඟ" Live Performance (Drill Team තනිකළු Live)

2 нед. назад

Shout out to D sign studios for the video Drill Team Fan Page Drill ...

Usama Thanaka (උසම තැනක) - Drill Team Westnahira ft.Yuki

2 г. назад

Drill Team Westnahira - Usama Thanaka (උසම තැනක) ft.Yuki Artists - Loco, Chrish Vix, Minol, Ravi Jay, Yuki, Born Manasick Lyrics - Drill Team Westnahira ...

Drill Team - Sonduru Vipaakaya [ft.Born Lord & DREX] [Mixtape 2013]

5 г. назад

Drill Team - Sonduru Vipakaya [Mixtape 2013] Featuring.Born Lord & DREX a.k.a Wickramarathna Samagama Like, Share & Support ...

Drill Team - Ai Yaluwe ft. Loco [Mixtape 2014]

4 г. назад

To Those Mafuckers call us Wack, Drill Team Biatch, We are Back!

Drill Team - "Minisathkama" [Mixtape 2013; Official Music Video]

6 г. назад

Artist - Drill Team Song - "Minisathkama" [Loketa One Wenasak pt.2] Featuring - Born Lord & Mashi Lyrics - Born Lord & Nishan Malinda Video Produced by ...

Drill Team - ''Sihinaya'' ft. DogLoco

6 г. назад

Share & Support This One Goes Out to All the "Young Girls". Dreams are Dangerous ...

Kalu Malli ft.Vimukthi - Diga x Palala [Mixtape 2011]

7 г. назад "Diga x Palala" is the Fourth Official Song of the Drill Team, Again focused on the "Misguidance of ...

DRILL TEAM Westනාහිර තනිකලු LIVE August [email protected]

1 мес. назад

The one and only Drill Team Westnahira who brought to you Deviyange bare, Usama thanaka, Histin and many more will perform LIVE on august 12th 7.30pm ...

Durty 4 Four Presents ''44 Kalliya'' [Official Music Video]

7 г. назад Artist - Durty 4 Four Featuring: K-Mac, E Root, G.O.A., Born Lord, Yung Murf & Young Izzy Song ...


5 г. назад


Drill Team Presents Yatharoopa (යථාරූප) ChrishVix ft.Yuki

10 мес. назад

Song title - යථාරූප Artist - ChrishVix ft.Yuki Mix and Mastered by Yuki Navarathna (Komodu Studio) Video Directed by Evold Fernando Edited by Ravi Jay ...

Drill Team - "Unuhuma" ft.Nishan [Mixtape 2013]

6 г. назад

This is a Mixtape for Airplanes by B.O.B. Happy Valentines Day Ppl ;) Artist - Drill Team Song - "Unuhuma" Featuring - Born Lord & Nishan Lyrics - Born Lord ...

Drill Team ''The Cypher'' ft. Kalu Malli, KD, Young D Minor, Raptor Ex, Born Lord & E Root

6 г. назад Drill Team z Back Boii, and this time its "The Cypher". We brought the Whole Team for this one ...

Drill Team Cypher 2014/15 ft. iClown & Fill T, Big Doggy, Omee, Zen, AF

3 г. назад

Artists - Drill Team/Westනාහිර [ E Root, D Minor, Ravi J, Minol, Raptor Ex, Loco, Kalu Malli, ChrishVix, Born Lord] Guest Artists - Fill T, Big Doggy, Omee, Zen, ...

Drill Team - Zorro [MixTape 2010]

8 г. назад "Zorro" is the Second Official Video of the Drill Team, which mainly focused on the "Corruption of ...

Drill Team - Deviyange Bare(Mashup) ft. Salvage & Melissa Live @ YesHomeGrown Awards'15

3 г. назад

Drill Team Performing Deviyange Bare(Mashup) With Salvage & Melissa Stephen @ Yes FM Home Grown Awards 2015. Big shout-out to Yazmin Yousuf.