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Hmm... These Images Need a Lot of Explaining (°ヘ°)

4 дн. назад

There are just some things in life that we'll never know the answers to, and I'm not okay with that. If I had three wishes, I'd probably use all three to find out the ...

Hilarious Examples That Prove The Struggle is Real 👀

3 нед. назад

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade...unless the lemons are bad. Then, like these people, you'll have to find other ways to somehow make it work.

Wait... What? How Did That Happen?!?! ๏̯͡๏

4 мес. назад

Seriously, how did these things happen? How does these things end up in a position like that? Here are some incredible images that will make you wanna say: ...

Examples To Prove That Not All Heroes Wear Capes ✔

3 нед. назад

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear a Costco apron as they dish out your favorite free samples. As day-to-day activities for humans become less-and-less ...

Who Would Win? - Hilarious Memes Compilation ツ

5 мес. назад

There are various hypothetical battles that would look so funny if you ask yourself: Who would win? Well... here is the best 'Who Would Win?' hilarious memes ...

Meanwhile On The Internet Ep.5 💥

3 дн. назад

Here is episode 5 of ridiculous, weird and most funny image collection from the bottom of the internet - ''Meanwhile On The Internet". Welcome to the crazy land ...

Best Memes Compilation To Make Your Weekend Great Again

2 мес. назад

Jump into the weekend meme stream! Enjoy the best memes compilation complied by Marko Andruss for this weekend. REMEMBER: "A day without laughter is ...

Meanwhile On The Internet Ep.4 💥

2 нед. назад

Here is episode 4 of ridiculous, weird and most funny image collection from the bottom of the internet - ''Meanwhile On The Internet". Welcome to the crazy land ...

Hilarious Examples Of Anime Logic Fails ◉◡◉

9 мес. назад

I don't care that anime doesn't make a lick of sense, especially in the ( . Y . ) department. They're just so fun and cute and brutal and repetitive! And most ...

Hilarious 'You Don't Say?' Memes Compilation ツ

6 мес. назад

I hate it when people say things I already know! It's like, stop being dumb and saying dumb things, you know! I don't get why everyone else can't be as smart as I ...

Hilarious Examples Of Women's Logic That Are Hard To Explain

7 мес. назад

Urban Dictionary defines women's logic as "The un-logical decision, that eaither is a contridiction to the original decision or dosent make sense. But then, what is ...

Cartoons Paused At The Right (Wrong) Moments 👀

11 мес. назад

Sometimes, when you catch things at just the right moment, you get a completely different meaning. Well... here are some popular cartoons paused at the right ...

Best Spot-On Cartoon Cosplays EVER ✔

11 мес. назад

This list is full of the most stunning and best authentic spot-on cartoon cosplays ever. These are some cool and good ideas for your Cartoon character halloween ...

Best 'Despacito' Memes That Will Make Your Day ✔️

4 нед. назад

Unless you've been living under some sort of Spotify-less rock, you know the song "Despacito," like no other. Nobody can stop listening to 'Despacito' and ...

Brilliantly Defaced Children's Coloring Books By Adults

11 мес. назад

Here's what happens when clever adults do children's coloring books! These amazing artists have created the freakiest, funniest, and most brilliant corrupted ...

Images That Will Make You Instantly Say “Nope” ⚠️

2 мес. назад

In a world full of “Nope” most of us casually go about our days without realizing at any time something can pop out and frighteningly alter the course of our path.

Hilarious Examples Of Movie Logic Fails 🎞

10 мес. назад

In a movie we are encouraged to suspend disbelief, and immerse ourselves in the story, even when that story seems too fantastical to be true. While this is ...

Man vs Woman - Hilarious Main Differences ツ

11 мес. назад

They say men are from mars and women are from venus. How, exactly, are women different from men vice versa? Let's start with the following best examples.

Creepiest Children's Playgrounds From Russia 👀

11 мес. назад

Would you take your children here? Photographs reveal the bizarre and nightmarish figures that haunt Soviet-era Russian playgrounds. Here are the creepiest ...

Hilarious Memes That Made The Internet a Funnier Place

1 мес. назад

Why do internet memes matter? A look at the good, the dank, the viral and most hilarious memes that made the internet a funnier place. ENJOY! Pls Share ...

There Are 2 KINDS Of People In The World - Which One Are You❓

5 мес. назад

We live in a world where things are becoming less black and white and more "OK, do what you want, just don't bother me." But there are some things where ...