Metallica Bootlegs


Metallica - Dave 'Em All (Full Bootleg)

6 г. назад

"Dave 'Em All" é um bootleg do último show do Dave Mustaine com o Metallica. Gravado em 1983, o show contou, obviamente, completamente com músicas do Kill 'Em All e a faixa "The Mechanix",...

Metallica Electric Chair bootleg - soundboard recording 1984

5 г. назад

This is a bootleg recording known as Electric Chair, and it was recorded at the Lyceum Ballroom, London, UK, Dec. 20, 1984. This is a sound desk recording so there is no crowd noise and the...

METALLICA Remastered Bootleg: THE GIG THAT SHOULD NOT BE? (1987) - Live debut of LEPER MESSIAH!

5 г. назад

An old Metallica bootleg: THE GIG THAT SHOULD NOT BE? (1987). I've mastered the sound from a fragmented dodgy old tape I've owned for years. I taped a copy from a copy that someone lent me...

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - Dj BuenOos Bootleg Remix

3 г. назад

Big Room Remix ! Abonne toi et à met un J'aime Partage cela ne prend qu'une seconde..Subscribes you and puts a Like, Share it only takes a second .. Ma Chaîne Youtube avec d'autres vidéos...

Metallica - Metal, Inc. [Full Bootleg Album (1986)]

4 г. назад

The complete live recording of Coliseum, El Paso, Texas, USA 12th May 1986 Original stereo soundboard recording / Metal Sword Records Tracklist: 01. Master Of Puppets 02. For Whom The Bell...

Backstage with Metallica at "MTV's Metallica Bootleg" (1997) [Full TV Special]

1 г. назад

VHS-Rip of the full TV Broadcast.

Metallica - Run With The Devil [Full Bootleg Album (1989)]

4 г. назад

Live @ Tokyo, Yoyogi Olympic Pool June 13, 1989 (Damaged Justice '88-'89 Tour) 1994 Italy Limited Edition, New Keruac Line 1030/31 Tracklist: (Vol.1) 01. The Good The Bad The Ugly 02. Blackened...

Metallica - Where The Fuck's James [Full Bootleg Album (2000)]

4 г. назад

Live @ USA, GA, Atlanta, Georgia Dome, 07.07.2000 2CD, METCD 7700 1/METCD 7700 2 A very rare show (featuring Kid Rock, Korn & System Of A Down) where James was forced to pull out at the last...

Metallica - Black Album Demo & Jason Newsted's Side Project 'IR8' [Full Bootleg Album (1993)]

4 г. назад

Taken from The Apocalypse CD3 (3CD, Limited 470/1000 Bootleg Box Set) Tracklist w/timing: 01. Stone Cold Crazy (Single from the Rubaiyat Box Set) 0:00 "Black Album Demos" / 1990 02. Sad But...


4 г. назад

Download at: My collection of Metallica bootlegs. Mi colección de bootlegs de Metallica. 1216 bootlegs. +140 Gigabytes. Last update. Ultima actualización 15/5/2014.

Metallica-Dave Em All-Bootleg-Remastered 2017

1 г. назад

Early Metallica Recordings Featuring Dave Mustaine Audio Remastering and Clean up by Josh Reeves. This is purely for entertainment purposes and is not a commercial release. 1. Hit The Lights...

Metallica Live HD 2006 Seoul South Korea

6 г. назад

Metallica live HD August 15, 2006 Seoul Olympic Main Stadium South Korea Creeping Death Fuel Harvester of Sorrow Frantic The Unforgiven For Whom the Bell Tolls Orion...

Metallica: The most biggest bootlegs collection in the world

7 г. назад

Metallica: La colección de bootlegs más grande del mundo More info:

Danzig - Live With Metallica [Full Bootleg Album (1989)]

4 г. назад

Danzig live with James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica live @ The Stone, San Francisco 1989 (Tracks 1-4) and live @ The Ritz, New York 1988 (Tracks 5-8) / Raven Records Tracklist: 01....

Metallica - Public Execution [Full Bootleg Album (1989]

4 г. назад

Live @ Providence, Rhode Island March 29, 1989 Tracklist: 01. And Justice For All 02. Creeping Death 03. Fade To Black 04. Guitar Solo 05. Battery 06. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 07. Harvester...

Metallica - The Four Horsemen [Full Bootleg Album (1992)]

4 г. назад

Live @ USA, NJ, Meadowlands Arena, 08.04.92 Italy Longbox 3CD Set, Metal Crash MEBX 006/7/8 Tracklist: Disc 1 1. Intro 1:49 2. Creeping Death 6:57 3. For Whom The Bell Tolls 5:24 4. Welcome...

Metallica - No Remorse @ The Lyceum [Full Bootleg Album (1984)]

4 г. назад

Live @ London, Lyceum Ballroom, 12th December 1984 No Life 'Til Leather demos, July 1982 2008 UK METNR 1 Tracklist: (Live) 01. The Four Horsemen 00:00 02. Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) 06:44...

Metallica - Rains Of Blood [Full Bootleg Album (1989/1992)]

4 г. назад

Tracks 1-7 @ Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas, Feb. 3, 1989. Tracks 8-10 @ Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, LA, Jan. 18, 1992. Brazil Musictape Multimedia LTDA, MT CD 110 4037 Tracklist: 01....

Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls (Miles Bootleg)

1 г. назад

Bookings: Woop Collective FaceBook: SoundCloud: #BeWOOP.

Metallica Disposable Heroes Live 1993 Basel Switzerland

9 г. назад

Metallica Disposable Heroes Live 1993 Basel Switzerland at the National Bowl june 20 1993 Creeping Death Harvester of Sorrow Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Of Wolf & Man Wherever I May Roam...