Scourge (Fan Animatic)

4 г. назад

Here's the full length animatic storyboard featuring your favorite mean green hedgehog, SCOURGE!! It took me about 1 week and half (I think) to complete this, ...

ASK TEAM DARK [Reboot] Episode!

2 г. назад

HELLO EVERYBODY!! Welcome to the premiere episode of Ask Team Dark! ^U^ I know you folks have been so long for this reboot series to come, but you ...

One Dream [Animatic] :WIP:

2 г. назад

Okay I'm still working on this animatic. I've been real busy back at my job and things are gonna be more busy during the week before Valentine's day so...Here's ...

"Not a Perv" - Comic Dub

3 г. назад

Well my friend and I thought we should fandub this fan comic just for fun, so here it is! Of course, this isn't mine, please give support to the original artist who ...

UPDATE! 2018

8 мес. назад

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting any new videos lately. I've been busy with work and stuff. But over all, I finally managed to get the time to complete my update for ...

Sonic Comic Origins Comic Drama: "The Belle in the Machine"

3 г. назад

Hey guys! I'd like to present to you all the Sonic Comic Origins comic drama! Featuring your favorite half-robian, Bunnie! This is a story that takes place in ...

Shadow4one's Ice Bucket Challenge

4 г. назад

Yes! I did the ice bucket challenge, guys! =D Nominated by L Liquid Luck & GSlayer! Enjoy you guys! My God that was SO COLD!! LOL!! But it was worth it!

Mini Sonic Comic Drama: "The Crush"

4 г. назад

Sorry if I haven't been uploading any new comic dramas videos lately....I have become busy from work and all...But please guys, try & understand that now I'm ...

STH 174 Comic Drama - Union

2 г. назад

Hey everyone! I TRULY apologized for this very long, long delay of this latest comic drama! Things have been completely very busy for me since I started my new ...

Sonic #221 Comic Drama: Second Impressions - Part 1

3 г. назад

Well I know it's been awhile since I post any new latest comic dramas or mini comic dramas, but I thought I would like to post this latest mini comic dub I did.

Sonic Forces - Fist Bump [COVER by Shadow4one]

10 мес. назад

LOL! Okay this one was fun for me cuz I love the piano version! I really do love all the songs and music from the Sonic Forces game! Vocals by yourstruly!

Sally & Bunnie Voice Act (STH Issue #207)

5 г. назад

Hey everyone! Shadow4one here back for another voice acting clip. I got a little bored again so I decided to do another short Sonic comic drama. LOL! It took me ...

STH #173 Preview

4 г. назад

Here's a little something of what's coming up soon. Sorry for the delay, but there are few things I have to do before this video is complete. Anyways, enjoy you ...

Sonic & the Black Knight: Knight Time [Comic Drama]

3 г. назад

Okay guys here's another of my mini comic dramas base from the video game known as Sonic & the Black Knight! This was pretty fun to do since I wanted to ...

2017 Update Video!

2 г. назад

Happy New Year everyone! So here's a new video featuring something different! XD ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- For how to ...

Sonic #187 Comic Drama Preview

3 г. назад

Hey guys! Just wanna give you a little preview of the next upcoming Sonic comic drama! Featuring issue #187 of Sonic the Hedgehog! Enjoy! P.S. Since this is ...

Sonic Universe #4 Comic Drama

1 г. назад

Well the moment you all been waiting for, here's Sonic Universe issue 4 "The Ultimate Lifeform" comic drama! I know it's been awhile since my last video, but ...

Chocolat [Cover] By Shadow4one

2 г. назад

DISCLAIMER! I don't own any music or pictures, except my voice! All rights goes to their rightful owners!* Well I have thought about doing this next song cover ...

One Dream [Animatic Short]

1 г. назад

I decided to make this as a short animatic clip. I just want to concetrate on some that I really want to work on. So please enjoy this short animatic featuring Sally ...

Simple and Clean [COVER] by Shadow4one

3 г. назад

Well it's been awhile since I made another song cover, but I thought I would do this cover since it's one of my favorite games of all time! ^^ I've been loving ...

Shadow Fall (Off Panel) - Comic Dub

3 г. назад

Here's another of my Off-Panel comic dub featuring Team Dark and Knuckles! Enjoy! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT VOICES! ALL RIGHTS GOES TO ...