UPDATE! 2018

2 мес. назад

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting any new videos lately. I've been busy with work and stuff. But over all, I finally managed to get the time to complete my update for this new year! Hope you...

ASK TEAM DARK [Reboot] Episode!

1 г. назад

HELLO EVERYBODY!! Welcome to the premiere episode of Ask Team Dark! ^U^ I know you folks have been so long for this reboot series to come, but you mustn't wait no more! Here we are and we...

Shadow4one's Ice Bucket Challenge

4 г. назад

Yes! I did the ice bucket challenge, guys! =D Nominated by L Liquid Luck & GSlayer! Enjoy you guys! My God that was SO COLD!! LOL!! But it was worth it! Also behind me, that was one of my...

"Not a Perv" - Comic Dub

2 г. назад

Well my friend and I thought we should fandub this fan comic just for fun, so here it is! Of course, this isn't mine, please give support to the original artist who made this fan comic! Ami-Dark'...

Scourge (Fan Animatic)

3 г. назад

Here's the full length animatic storyboard featuring your favorite mean green hedgehog, SCOURGE!! It took me about 1 week and half (I think) to complete this, but it was worth it! Now I may...

Sonic Forces: Looming Shadow Comic Drama

4 мес. назад

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Sonic Forces comic drama! Featuring by the voices of yourstruly and my very close friends! Now I know you're all still waiting on other comic dramas that...

TMOM Animation Tribute

9 мес. назад

HELLO EVERYBODY!! Sorry if I haven't post any new videos, but I was gone for awhile and working on this animation! This is an animation tribute for my friend Gigi and her comic! I must say...

Ask Team Dark Ep 2: Halloween Special

3 г. назад

Sorry if this is a "one day" delay, but there are reasons that this video took so long: Audio & video editing and making the artwork + logo. ^^; Anyways I know that Halloween is over, but...

Ask Team Dark Ep 1

4 г. назад

Here's episode 1 of "ASK TEAM DARK!" ------------------- ------------------- Note: This is a nonprofit audio fan series! All Sonic related characters belong to SEGA. ------------------------------...

Off Panel Comic Dub -"Getting your just desserts or They see me trollin' than Hatin'"

1 г. назад

Here's a short off panel comic drama! Enjoy! *DISCLAIMER!! I don't own any music, sounds, or the comic itself, except the voices during the making of this video! All rights goes to their...

Sonic #221 Comic Drama: Second Impressions - Part 1

3 г. назад

Well I know it's been awhile since I post any new latest comic dramas or mini comic dramas, but I thought I would like to post this latest mini comic dub I did. Due to the fact that on my last...

TMOM Intro [Animation]

1 г. назад

Well it's finally done everybody! After these past 2 months of rough draft, lineart, then colors and last but not least, the movements of the animation is finally complete! I must admit this...

Chocolat [Cover] By Shadow4one

2 г. назад

DISCLAIMER! I don't own any music or pictures, except my voice! All rights goes to their rightful owners!* Well I have thought about doing this next song cover based on this show called...

SU #59 Shadow Fall Part 1 Comic Drama!

2 г. назад

Finally! After all these few months! I've finally completed the Shadow Fall part 1 comic drama! Whew! XD I really appreciate you all for waiting this long for me to post something new, but...

Rouge the Bat [test animation]

2 г. назад

I made a little short practice animation of Rouge the Bat. Made it with a program called, Animation Creator HD on my ipad.

"It's all about Fiona" (Animatic)

3 г. назад

Well guys I thought I should make this next animatic video featuring Fiona Fox from the Sonic Archie Comics. I heard this song before when I used to watch the Disney's "The Proud Family." ...

Shadow Fall (Off Panel) - Comic Dub

3 г. назад

Here's another of my Off-Panel comic dub featuring Team Dark and Knuckles! Enjoy! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT VOICES! ALL RIGHTS GOES TO SEGA & ARCHIE COMICS! PLEASE SUPPORT THE OWNERS!...

Preview Comic Drama! SU4

9 мес. назад

Here's a small preview of the next comic drama! Be sure to keep subscribing 4 more videos! Enjoy! CAST: Shadow4one - as Hope CRAZY GREG FILMS - as Shadow:

Infinite MEME [WIP] Animation

1 мес. назад

Working on a new short animation. When I saw a couple of videos of people doing this including my friend Lux aka Luximus I just HAD to make one myself LOL! So please enjoy this short working...

Simple and Clean [COVER] by Shadow4one

2 г. назад

Well it's been awhile since I made another song cover, but I thought I would do this cover since it's one of my favorite games of all time! ^^ I've been loving Kingdom Hearts ever since it...

One Dream [Animatic] :WIP:

1 г. назад

Okay I'm still working on this animatic. I've been real busy back at my job and things are gonna be more busy during the week before Valentine's day so...Here's a preview of what's to come...