ASK TEAM DARK [Reboot] Episode!

1 г. назад

HELLO EVERYBODY!! Welcome to the premiere episode of Ask Team Dark! ^U^ I know you folks have been so long for this reboot series to come, but you ...

Shadow4one's Ice Bucket Challenge

4 г. назад

Yes! I did the ice bucket challenge, guys! =D Nominated by L Liquid Luck & GSlayer! Enjoy you guys! My God that was SO COLD!! LOL!! But it was worth it!

Scourge (Fan Animatic)

3 г. назад

Here's the full length animatic storyboard featuring your favorite mean green hedgehog, SCOURGE!! It took me about 1 week and half (I think) to complete this, ...

One Dream [Animatic] :WIP:

1 г. назад

Okay I'm still working on this animatic. I've been real busy back at my job and things are gonna be more busy during the week before Valentine's day so...Here's ...

UPDATE! 2018

4 мес. назад

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting any new videos lately. I've been busy with work and stuff. But over all, I finally managed to get the time to complete my update for ...

"Not a Perv" - Comic Dub

2 г. назад

Well my friend and I thought we should fandub this fan comic just for fun, so here it is! Of course, this isn't mine, please give support to the original artist who ...

Incoming Project Feat.Shadow4One

4 г. назад

Hey guys! Sorry if I didn't upload any new videos lately. I've been REALLY busy this week, along with my birthday (which had passed), and gotten a few nice ...

Sonic Forces - Fist Bump [COVER by Shadow4one]

7 мес. назад

LOL! Okay this one was fun for me cuz I love the piano version! I really do love all the songs and music from the Sonic Forces game! Vocals by yourstruly!

SKL | Sonic GX Episode 4 Part 1 Commentary

5 дн. назад

Taken from: Doing a new commentary on the latest dubbed episode of Sonic GX. I would like to correct myself because I kept ...

Amy & Rouge Watch Sonic Mania Adventures PT 2

1 мес. назад

Today we have Amy Rose as your host along with Rouge who will also be joining lol! In this video Amy & Rouge began watching the second episode of Sonic ...

Sonic Off Panels Comic Dub

9 мес. назад

Well I decided to do another off panel dub from one of the Sonic comics. Plus for all you guys know, this is also a short thanks for helping me reach to 3000 ...

Minor update!

3 мес. назад

Hey guys, just telling you all now that I'm going to take a break from my channel for awhile. The video will explain it all, enjoy!

Ask Team Dark Ep 1

4 г. назад

Here's episode 1 of "ASK TEAM DARK!" ------------------- ------------------- Note: This is a nonprofit audio fan series! All Sonic related characters belong to SEGA.

STH #264 Comic Drama: A Nice Day to Start Again

3 г. назад

Well after being away from voice acting and such, I finally completed my next comic drama! And with the rest of my other incoming projects in which I still have it ...

One Dream [Animatic Short]

12 мес. назад

I decided to make this as a short animatic clip. I just want to concetrate on some that I really want to work on. So please enjoy this short animatic featuring Sally ...

Infinite MEME [WIP] Animation

4 мес. назад

Working on a new short animation. When I saw a couple of videos of people doing this including my friend Lux aka Luximus I just HAD to make one myself LOL!

Preview Comic Drama! SU4

11 мес. назад

Here's a small preview of the next comic drama! Be sure to keep subscribing 4 more videos! Enjoy! CAST: Shadow4one - as Hope CRAZY GREG FILMS - as ...

Mini Sonic Comic Drama: "The Crush"

4 г. назад

Sorry if I haven't been uploading any new comic dramas videos lately....I have become busy from work and all...But please guys, try & understand that now I'm ...

Episode Shadow [Short Fandub]

5 мес. назад

My good friend Nathan who you may also known him as KujiraShonen, helped voiced Shadow for me as I voiced Rouge. There's also another one coming up ...

Simple and Clean [COVER] by Shadow4one

2 г. назад

Well it's been awhile since I made another song cover, but I thought I would do this cover since it's one of my favorite games of all time! ^^ I've been loving ...

SU #2 Comic Drama - "The Shadow Saga: Time & Again"

4 г. назад

WOW! almost 300 likes and 43998 views! HOLY SMOKES!! That's incredible!! Thank you so much you guys! This really means alot to me! THANK YOU!