How to Build Your Own Individual First Aid Kit (iFAK) - PART 1

9 г. назад

How to Build Your Own Individual First Aid Kit (iFAK) - PART 1 iFAK = Individual First Aid Kit AMP-3, LLC Medical and Specialty Gear for THE PREPARED ...

Level II First Aid Kit • Part 1

9 г. назад


Testing Baofeng GMRS-V1 Radios | Mountain View Ranch | USNERDOC

1 г. назад

Testing Baofeng GMRS-V1 Radios Mountain View Ranch USNERDOC BTECH GMRS-V1 GMRS Two-Way Radio at One of the ...

Go-Bag • Ham Radio Go-Kit | Yaesu VX8-R Handheld UHF / VHF Radio

8 г. назад

Comms Go Bag by AMP-3, LLC A review of my ham radio go-bag. A radio go-bag or go-kit is a ...

USNERDOC demonstrates how to apply an IZZY bandage - survival expo

6 г. назад

Some medical training time with youtubeber USNERDOC.

Emergency Medical with David Pruett (AMP-3 & USNERDOC)

3 г. назад

The Survival Summit began with a week long summit of 34 experts in the fields of preparedness and self sustainability. This information was given away for free ...

Portable HAM Radio Antenna

8 г. назад

Buddistick Antenna

7 г. назад

INFO LINKS BELOW I am running a Yaesu 857-D at 100watts barefoot into a Buddistick supported by a Buddipole Mast & Tripod on my front porch . . . nothing ...

Portable 9ah Battery Power & DIY Field Antenna - Yaesu FT-857D

8 г. назад

Portable battery power and DIY field antenna for the Yaesu FT-857D ham radio from David / USNERDOC / KF7ETX. This video shows a simple inexpensive ...

Alternative Do-It-Yourself Meal Ready To Eat (DIY MRE)

9 г. назад

Bunker RATS A Do-It-Yourself Meal Ready To Eat Alternative Alternative Do-It-Yourself Meal Ready To Eat (DIY MRE) This do-it-yourself ration is an alternative ...

Welcome to my YouTube Channel!

1 г. назад

Welcome to my YouTube Channel! Please consider subscribing and clicking the notification bell so you don't miss out on future videos. I post videos as often as ...

Introducing the AMP-3 Every Day Carry (EDC)

8 г. назад

Click here to order your AMP-3 EDC (Every Day Carry) AMP-3, LLC ...

Off Grid Water - AWESOME IBC Tank Improvement

6 мес. назад

My off grid water storage system is an IBC tank or water tote that is set up for bulk water delivery. The newest improvement is adding Banjo fittings or cam lock ...

Leatherman Wave Sheath Making for USNERDOC.

5 г. назад

Making the "YouTube" Leatherman Wave case for David (USNERDOC). I do not own, or suggest I own, any of this music, I just love Chris Botti... If Y.T. mutes it, ...

Build Your Own Winter Travel Box | Build Emergency Heater | Increase Preparedness & Self Reliance

9 г. назад

Build Your Own Winter Travel Box Increase Your Preparedness and Self Reliance A quick review of the contents in my winter travel box. This box lives in my ...


9 г. назад


Project for USNERDOC

9 г. назад

Intro to stove project for USNERDOC. Materials: -Fancy Feast Cat food can. Tools: -Sharpie -Hole Punch -Clock face printout ...

LOKSAK YouTube Video Response Contest

9 г. назад

This giveaway is closed but stay tuned for a future USNERDOC Channel Contests & Giveaways Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give a thumbs up, leave a ...

Short Rant - My Apologies! USNERDOC

6 г. назад

Short rant, please accept my apologies! I also apologize for the wind noise . . . will work on that in the future! AMP-3, LLC Medical ...

Attempting an ECHOLINK QSO with Tacticalgearhead

8 г. назад

Working on getting an ECHOLINK QSO underway with John from Taticalgearhead in Decatur, Illinois and Hugh (K4IFX) in Jacksnville, Florida from my location ...

Field Day 2018 Ham Radio Off-Grid - 6 Meter Band QSO

7 мес. назад

ARRL ham radio Field Day 2018 off-grid 6 meter band, "The Magic Band", QSO on Mountain View Ranch. Battery power from Mountain View Ranch in Southern ...