Build Your Own FAK - PART 1

8 г. назад

AMP-3, LLC AMP-3 STORE AMP-3 BLOG Level I MOD II Personal First-Aid Kit - PART 1 First-Aid Kit Review Download...

GO-BAG • A HAM Radio Go-Kit for Yaesu VX8-R

7 г. назад



5 г. назад

My apologies for the rant . . . I also apologize for the wind noise . . . I will work on that in the future!

Emergency Medical with David Pruett (AMP-3 & USNERDOC)

2 г. назад

The Survival Summit began with a week long summit of 34 experts in the fields of preparedness and self sustainability. This information was given away for free during that week long launch...

Anderson PowerPoles . . . "The 12-volt Connection of Choice!"

7 г. назад

Anderson PowerPoles . . . "The 12-volt Connection of Choice!" PowerWerx West Mountain Radio Santa Clara County, California...

BUSTED! EDC / MDC USNERDOC'sGear Check video response

8 г. назад

My reply/submission to USNERDOC's challenge. EDC: Pocket 1: Small Ferro/Magnesium set, Leatherman Micra, Small light, Smith's Pocket sharpener. Pocket 2: Light my fire scout, meds, brunton...

Minor Injury Kit for Home Use - Minor FAK

8 г. назад

Bunker Review - Small FAK's • Part I Small home use minor injury kit for routine cuts, scrapes, and bumps. USNERDOC - PDF Archive AMP-3, LLC...

Medical Emergency Management Kit PART 1

8 г. назад


Welcome to the USNERDOC YouTube Channel!

2 мес. назад

Welcome to the USNERDOC YouTube Channel! Please subscribe so you don't miss out on future videos. I post videos as often as my bust schedule allows. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to...

FT 817 RADIO BAG . . . Ready for prime time!

4 г. назад

For our Yaesu FT-857D Pack please check out the following video: This bag is custom designed by KF7ETX specifically for the Yaesu FT-817 transceiver. http://stores.amp...

Barn Board and Batten Siding

5 мес. назад

We had a great trip to the ranch to install battens on the rough sawn fir plywood siding. As usual Beth kept things going with logistics, fuel and food. Her brother Oak was absolutely essential,...

Portable HAM Radio Antenna

7 г. назад

Talking With The COMMSPREPPER Using D-SATR

6 мес. назад

D-STAR QSO with K1DOS / COMMSPREPPER This was a very impromptu video sharing a D-Star QSO with Hank / K1DOS. He has an awesome YouTube channel called CommsPrepper that is well worth checking...

550 Paracord USNERDOC Style

7 г. назад

Follow along this video as we take a different twist on the popular 550 paracord bracelet. County Comm - PARACORD County Comm - TETHER CORD ...

Weather Resistant Field Antenna

6 г. назад

Thanks for watching! Don't forget to . . . Subscribe Thumbs Up Comment! ▻ SUBSCRIBE to USNERDOC - THANK YOU!!! Follow me on Instagram: https://www.insta...

First International Space Station Radio Contact!

7 г. назад

International Space Station Contact . . . Holly Grail of HAM Radio! Col Doug "AstroWheels" Wheelock - ISS QSO - 14 SEP 2010 ISS QSO 14SEP10 2010 UTC Well this was the "holly grail" of QSOs...

USNERDOC demonstrates how to apply an IZZY bandage - survival expo

5 г. назад

Some medical training time with youtubeber USNERDOC.


7 г. назад

This is a small amount of footage from our hiking weekend back in April with Matt & Kim from ihikearound. This is a brief discussion on a first aid kit from USNERDOC. We used items from this...

Beth Lost Her Benchmade Knife!

7 мес. назад

Beth lost her Benchmade knife while weed packing on Mountain View Ranch. She got that knife from me for Mother's Day. We have to find it! In this situation it is always best to call in an expert....

Mountain View Ranch - Turkeys & Deer - Big eBay Purchase - Drone Crash

8 мес. назад

Mountain View Ranch Turkeys & Deer Big eBay Purchase! Drone Crash Music Credit Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried DRONE Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Thanks for watching! Don't forget to . . . Subscribe...

We Need Fresh Water for Camp #216

2 мес. назад

The well on Mountain View Ranch is down for repairs. With no well water I had to find an alternative way to get water for Camp #216 without hooking it up for a tow to a water source. Thanks...