Unicorn Leah


SNAKE BITE! (Unicorn Leah gets an airsoft BB stuck in her arm)

1 г. назад

In this behind the scenes Trouble in Terrorist Town video shoot with NODE, we all learn why Unicorn Leah doesn't trust Sam. Sam is using the AWS double ...

Jet DesertFox & Unicorn Leah's Gun Collection (Part 1)

2 г. назад

You've been asking for it...here's a look into our armory of airsoft guns...part 1! Get into airsoft: http://www.highgroundairsoft.com/ http://tknwcustoms.com/ ...

AIRSOFT COUPLE GAMEPLAY | Jet DesertFox & Unicorn Leah

1 г. назад

Some uncut/behind the scenes/airsoft couple teamwork tactics airsoft gameplay with Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah at Wildlands Airsoft Park in Lake Elsinore, ...

How to WIN PUBG Mobile [in real life] feat. NODE

7 дн. назад

A real-life airsoft game mode of PUBG Mobile with NODE! First, get behind the scenes footage to see how the guys from Corridor Digital make movie shorts; then ...

At Home with DesertFox & Unicorn

2 г. назад

A day in the life of Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah. He cleans the toilets. Get into airsoft: http://www.highgroundairsoft.com/ http://thunderkissnw.com/ Connect ...

"You Should Shoot Me!" (Jet DesertFox & Unicorn Leah with the SPAS-12)

2 г. назад

Any fans of the original Jurassic Park? We've got the iconic SPAS-12 from ActionSportGames. We give you a first look with an unboxing, target practice, and Jet ...

I NEED AN ADULT! (Airsoft Palooza VLOG)

2 нед. назад

Behind the scenes vlog at the Evike Outpost at High Ground Airsoft for Summer Airsoft Palooza! It's the day before the big event and the Evike.com crew, along ...

WATCH OUT, NOVRITSCH! (M40A3 Sportline Unboxing + Shoot My Husband)

1 г. назад

There's a new affordable sniper rifle in town! It's the M40A3 Sportline from ActionSportGames. In this bolt action sniper rifle unboxng, Jet DesertFox and I go ...

Middle-Aged Man Rage Quits After Getting Shot by Girl (How to handle airsoft cheaters)

1 г. назад

A airsoft game of attack and defend! Jet DesertFox and myself, along with the Evike street team and others, are tasked with defending a hospital against enemy ...

Trouble in Terrorist Town with NODE: Unicorn Leah POV (TTT: Rounds 1 & 2)

1 г. назад

A long awaited return of TTT with NODE! Featuring your favorites from Evike: Matt, Miguel and Ryan, along with Jet DesertFox and Kelly from Femme Fatale ...

Canadian Sniper Plays with an AEG for the FIRST TIME EVER (Jungle Island Airsoft Gameplay)

1 г. назад

Jet DesertFox and I go airsofting with Dayton from House Gamers AIrsoft, plus we meet up with BrainExploder and DickButt Airsoft. I'm using the CZ 805 Bren ...

Gun Bunnies | A Unicorn Satire

2 г. назад

Say hello to Chastity, the latest airsoft "model" turned gun bunny! It's important to note that this is a SATIRE video. Everyone involved in this video is well-trained ...

Jet DesertFox & Unicorn Leah Get Married

2 г. назад

A look into Jet & Leah's wedding. Title: Tut Tut Child - Queen Of Your Heart (feat. Augustus Ghost) iTunes Download Link: ...

Santa Monica Beach Day

1 г. назад

Jet DesertFox and I took our British biscuit, Kelly, from Femme Fatale Airsoft to the Santa Monica Pier to experience SoCal beach life. Kelly traveled from the UK ...

Snow Sniper Surprise Unboxing (Spec Ops Global Subscription Box)

2 г. назад

This month's tactical subscription unboxing: Arctic Warrior. Featuring gear from Germany, Poland, the US and Canada.Get your snow sniper on! Spec Ops ...

CORRUPTION! [Milsim West: The Grozny Insurgency] Kox News, Part 1

3 мес. назад

Part 1 of the Grozny Insurgency; an airsoft LARP style fictional wargame hosted by Milsim West. In this war correspondent inspired documentary Episode 1, we ...

LIVE Extreme Airsoft

5 дн. назад

Live behind the scenes footage + Q&A with Unicorn Leah at Extreme Airsoft's 9th Birthday celebration in Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Unicorn Leah LIVE CQB Gameplay At Extreme Airsoft RI

12 мес. назад

Live, unedited airsoft gameplay at Extreme Airsoft in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Jet DesertFox holds the camera while Unicorn Leah, P90 Girl, and Spartan117GW ...

Are DesertFox and Unicorn Dating? (The Story of Jet & Leah)

2 г. назад

The FULL STORY. How Leah got into airsoft and ALL THE DETAILS behind Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah. Get into airsoft: http://www.highgroundairsoft.com/ ...

Quickie: Unicorn Slayer (ThunderKiss NW Custom Airsoft Gun)

3 г. назад

All the details behind my custom gun from ThunderKiss NW. Get your own! http://thunderkissnw.com/ Connect with me! https://www.facebook.com/theairsoftun.

First Time with the Novritsch SSG24

11 мес. назад

A kind player at Codename Thunder lets Unicorn Leah shoot his SSG24. This is her first time ever using the Novritsch airsoft sniper - and it lives up to the hype.