V. Anton Spraul


Recursion (Think Like a Programmer)

6 г. назад

This episode is all about recursion. You can download a PDF of the chapter in the book at the No Starch Press site, http://nostarch.com/thinklikeaprogrammer.

Backtracking (Think Like a Programmer)

11 мес. назад

Backtracking is used when you need to find the correct series of choices that will solve a problem. The example I use here is finding one's way through a maze.

Think Like a Programmer: Introduction

6 г. назад

This first video is an introduction to the book and the idea behind it. Future videos will offer tips on developing your problem-solving ability. Your comments and ...

Different Approaches (Think Like a Programmer)

5 г. назад

This episode features a viewer-suggested problem from a programming contest site. I show different approaches to the problem -- but the code's not shown until ...

Spreadsheets & Programming (Think Like a Programmer)

5 г. назад

This episode is about spreadsheets as problem-solving tools. Sounds odd, but it works! Your comments and suggestions for future videos are welcome. "Think ...

Dynamic Programming (Think Like a Programmer)

1 г. назад

This video is about a cool technique which can dramatically improve the efficiency of certain kinds of recursive solutions. It's called "dynamic programming.

What Is an Algorithm?

1 г. назад

Heading into a series of videos of algorithms, I thought I would make a video that explains to anyone, programmer or not, what an algorithm is. The basics of ...

Puzzles & Programming Problems (Think Like a Programmer)

6 г. назад

This episode introduces the idea that problem solving is essentially the same no matter what problem we're trying to solve, and looks at the connection between ...

Bottom-Up Programming Solutions (Think Like a Programmer)

1 г. назад

Bottom-up programming is method for solving certain types of programming problems in which the code starts with the smallest pieces of the problem and builds ...

How Mergesort Works -- a fast way to put things in order

11 мес. назад

Here's another video for both programmers and non-programmers. This one explains a fast way to put things in order called mergesort. If you haven't seen the ...

Performance & Efficiency (Think Like a Programmer)

1 г. назад

In this episode, I'm providing some perspective on performance and efficiency for new programmers. This video references the problem in my other video at ...

Think Like a Programmer: What It's All About

5 г. назад

In a nutshell, and with a toy robot, this video explains what my Think Like a Programmer series is all about. "Think Like a Programmer" is a book I've written to ...

The Peg Puzzle Solved (Think Like a Programmer)

1 г. назад

There's a puzzle with 15 holes and 14 pegs that I hadn't solved, and I thought, why am I solving this when I could write a program to solve it for me? You'll see ...

The First Video Game War (2/3) [Tech Wars]

10 мес. назад

The first video game war pitted the Atari 2600 against the Fairchild Channel F and Magnavox Odyssey 2. In this episode, we'll see the different techniques these ...

Spawning (Thinking About Games)

3 г. назад

My thoughts about spawning, and how we accept cheesy things in games even though we shouldn't. What do you think? Is it time we came up with something ...

Divide & Conquer (Think Like a Programmer)

2 г. назад

This video explores the "divide and conquer" technique of problem solving--mainly a recursive technique, so if you haven't watched it yet, I would start with my ...

Planning Your Problem Solving (Think Like a Programmer)

4 г. назад

This episode is about planning your way to a solution. This subject encompasses everything about problem solving, so there's no way to do it all in one video, ...

Finding the Best Path (Dijkstra's Algorithm)

9 мес. назад

How does a program find the optimal route between two points? This problem comes up in map apps, networking, and lots of other situations. One way to solve it ...

V-Sync (How Software Works)

3 г. назад

How Software Works is a book and video series explaining the magic behind software encryption, CGI, video game graphics, and a lot more. The book uses ...

Make Your Own Fun in MMOs (Thinking About Games)

1 г. назад

What's your favorite way to make your own fun in an MMO? Here are five ways I've enjoyed games outside of what the game intended. Part of my Thinking About ...

Practical Big-O Notation (Think Like a Programmer)

1 г. назад

Big-O notation is how the efficiency of algorithms is typically described. Figuring out the O-notation of an algorithm can look tricky, but as this video shows, for the ...