Zita Fülöp


Baby Agility Gerbil (beginner)

9 г. назад

Infra, a kölyök mongol futóegér 'agilizitik'. :) Infra.

Mongol futóegér

9 г. назад

pocakos Fahéj és Bendegúz.

Hunting leopard gecko

9 г. назад

Budy leo gekkó.

Rat pups

7 г. назад

One of those siamese pups always comes to my hand, grabs it and carries it to a safe place in the cage to check it if it is something good to eat. When he realises, it's just my hand, he starts...

Magpie and rook talking

4 г. назад

Both birds are nestlings.

Common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) captured while drinking

4 г. назад

Three female pheasants in Hungary.

Cyriocosmus elegans mating failed

4 г. назад

Cyriocosmus elegans female don't really like the male.

Aranyhörcsög kölykök

9 г. назад

2 hetes kölykök kajolnak. :)

In the mist, Niagara Falls

6 г. назад

my journey in the USA.

Japanese quail and king quails in outdoor aviary

4 г. назад

Coturnix japonese and Excalfactoria chinensis are kept together. Two pairs of king quails and a female japanese. They just moved in their new outdoor aviary. Egy tojó japánfürj (Coturnix...

11.A - ELÉG (The Chainsmokers - Closer paródia)

1 г. назад

Első videónk, a The Chainsmokers - Closer paródia végre elkészült, és büszkén osztjuk meg veletek. Kíváncsian várjuk véleményeteket. Énekesek: Balogh Zita, Fülöp Lili, Gonda...

Vaddisznók a vadkamera előtt

4 г. назад

Vadkamerázás Gemencen - a kamera elé csirkenyesedéket helyeztünk ki.

European hamster - Curiosity

8 г. назад

My pet European hamster. (Cricetus cricetus) (I didn't put the camera into the hamster's face, it is made with zoom)

Magpie saves money

4 г. назад

Kis nevelt szarkám elrejti a pénzt.

Fahéj és a családja

9 г. назад

pici agility aztán a többiek... :)

Amazon milk frog video with pictures Phrynohyas resinifictrix

8 г. назад

My first milk frog, Olof. :) I need some informations about keeping milk frogs, especially about their eating habits. If anyone, who can help, please contact me, thanks.

Dwarf hamster and her adopted daughter

4 г. назад

My russian dwarf hamster raised up a mouse and they live happily together since then. After handling the mouse, the hamster started to 'clean up' my scent from her daughter.

Bearded dragon waving

6 г. назад

She's a newbie here, she has to get used to the new atmosphere, that's why she's waving.

Long-eared owls watching...

5 г. назад

Gyöngybagolyvédelmi Alapítvány által gondozott erdei fülesbaglyok.

Linda és Makkos Marci a Noé Állatotthonban

5 г. назад

Noé Állatotthon.

Hamsters - Lunchtime

9 г. назад

Höricsalád almázik, kefirt eszik:)