OUR FAVORITE KEYBOARDS! // feat. SkiWithPete, Dookie, Tech Intake

1 г. назад

A lot of us techies own a LOT of keyboards, but what are our favorites? Dookie: SkiWithPete: Connor/Tech Intake:...

[Livestream] How-to build a better "pok3r" 60% mechanical keyboard

8 мес. назад

On today's livestream: Building this kit: Red base: Switches:

How to: Home Automation - connect 8 channel relay + Raspberry Pi

4 г. назад

If you're planning to use a relay in your Raspberry Pi project you should check this video out. See earlier videos: After receiving a couple of questions on this,...

[Livestream] Mechanical Keyboards Live! - How to Preonic build from Ortholinear keyboards & Massdrop

4 мес. назад

Awesome new redesign of the Preonic. - How to get your kit: - Join Massdrop with my affiliate link: - Then check out the Preonic: https://www.massdrop...

Raspberry Pi: File Server (NAS Network Attached Storage)

4 г. назад

A great project for those starting out with their RaspberryPi or those who want some inspiration for a Pi that might be lying around. Or buy this stuff: Powered Hard Drives (make sure they...

Raspberry Pi: 8 Channel Relay step-by-step with software examples for automation

4 г. назад

Check in this section for all the further information relating to this video. Get the relay here: Get the GPIO wires: Get the WiFi dongle: http://am...

Raspberry Pi: The ultimate Alarm Clock (multiple projects come together)

3 г. назад

IF YOUR VOICE WAS NOT WORKING PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE UPDATED CODE FROM GITHUB! When it's time to wake up, the light comes on, the headlines are read out, and then a track plays. It's what every...

Vortex CORE 40% mechanical keyboard - unboxing and first look

11 мес. назад

The little brother of the Pok3r, this is the 40% mechanical keyboard from Vortex. It's beautiful, well designed and (obviously) extremely compact. And the RGB Cherry switches are pretty cool...

Raspberry Pi: 1 Channel Relay control with a Mobile Phone step by step

3 г. назад

In this video shortened video about my home automation project we'll focus on just the Rasberry Pi and Relay - and, of course, how to do it with your mobile phone. If you'd like to watch the...

[Livestream] Mechanical Keyboards Live! - JB1830 builds a Carbon Fiber Klippe 60% with Tealios!

3 мес. назад

Here's the parts list: - Black universal Carbon Fiber Plate: - NEW tealios switches:

Raspberry Pi: Automated lighting control using 8 channel relay and PIR motion

4 г. назад

This is part 3. See the earlier part 2 here: See a how to connect it up: See my lighting choice in part 4:

Mechanical Eagle Z-77 White TKL keyboard with non-removable switches

2 мес. назад

Mechanical Eagle Z-77 - --- Get some of the other stuff I have on my desk: iFixit 64-bit set: Non-magnetic tweezers:

LIVE! After Hours with Skiwithpete

2 г. назад

Talking Soldering today... --- Get some of the other stuff I have on my desk: 5 port Vodool charger: My drawers: The monitor and keyboard stand:...

Raspberry Pi: 4-channel Relay step-by-step with example scripts for home automation

3 г. назад

Check here for all the further information relating to this video. Get the relay here: Get the GPIO wires: Get the WiFi dongle:

Easy Raspberry Pi Garage Door Remote over Wifi (home automation)

4 г. назад

Instructions below Check out my "How to" on relays: Check out my automated lighting system: OS: Raspbian Get the Relay Board: http://amzn....

[Livestream] Mechanical Keyboards Live! - JB builds the Fjell with GON NerD 60 & Carbon Fiber plate

4 нед. назад

JB guest hosts on today's stream: - Fjell Base - 1up GON NerD 60% PCB - Carbon Fiber plate

Mechanical Keyboards Live! - Custom build on a budget

5 мес. назад

Here's what we're looking at building today: - Stainless steel universal plate - GH60 Satan

Mechanical Keyboards LIVE! - Pok3r Switch swap

10 мес. назад

On today's livestream: - Unboxing the Hakko Desoldering Iron ( - Desoldering switches from the Pok3r ( - Soldering new switches (https://1upkeyboard...

Mechanical Keyboards Live! - Let’s build some prototype keebs

6 мес. назад

Building keyboards until the YouTube stream time limit runs out. On today's livestream: - Let's build some keebs - Let's make Panda-stotles!!! - Pandas:

Mechanical Keyboards Live! - BUILD 60% Fjell in 4K

7 мес. назад

On today's livestream: Building: - FJELL - With Zealios 67g Switches: AND I'm UNLEASHING the 4K! - Here's the kit:

Mechanical Keyboards Live! - Unboxing & Reviews (see the description for the list)

6 мес. назад

On today's livestream: - Rosewill Neon - Rosewill Neon Mouse M55 - Rosewill Neon Keyboard - Anne Pro -