OUR FAVORITE KEYBOARDS! // feat. SkiWithPete, Dookie, Tech Intake

2 г. назад

A lot of us techies own a LOT of keyboards, but what are our favorites? Dookie: SkiWithPete: ...

How to: Home Automation - connect 8 channel relay + Raspberry Pi

5 г. назад

If you're planning to use a relay in your Raspberry Pi project you should check this video out. See earlier videos: After receiving a ...

Mechanical Keyboards LIVE! - Building the Planck

1 г. назад

On today's livestream: - The Planck. By OLKB. - unboxing - preparing - assembling - solder cam - testing - enjoying - loving - other adjectives-ing What the heck...

Raspberry Pi: File Server (NAS Network Attached Storage)

5 г. назад

A great project for those starting out with their RaspberryPi or those who want some inspiration for a Pi that might be lying around. Or buy this stuff: Powered ...

Not all mechanical keyboards are equal... only a few are programmable.

3 г. назад

What is the difference between Mechanical Keyboards? Well, besides the switches, the differences can be HUGE. Check this video out where I compare a ...

JD40 build (edited version)

2 г. назад

JD40 MKII. It's an instant classic. Here's my build. Edited down to just the essentials, and set to music. Watch the full length live streamed build here: ...

Unboxing Skiwithpete's Prize from 1UP Keyboards

8 мес. назад

I recently won the weekly livestream giveaway from Skiwithpete. After a few emails he sent me this amazing prize package. Thanks, Peter! I know, my camera is ...

Mechanical Keyboards LIVE! - BUILD Carbon Fiber Blue with clicky switches

11 мес. назад

Yes. You can build a keyboard exactly like to your spec. On today's livestream: - Blue Carbon Fiber keyboard kit build ...

Vortex CORE 40% mechanical keyboard - unboxing and first look

1 г. назад

The little brother of the Pok3r, this is the 40% mechanical keyboard from Vortex. It's beautiful, well designed and (obviously) extremely compact. And the RGB ...

Mechanical Keyboards LIVE! - Pok3r Switch swap

1 г. назад

On today's livestream: - Unboxing the Hakko Desoldering Iron ( - Desoldering switches from the Pok3r ( ...

My grab bag (aka crap bag) of keycaps from Signature Plastics has arrived.

3 г. назад

approx. 5 lbs of overruns, low quality and other odds and ends. What use are they? Well, they were fun to sort and organize. Get the keyboard you want TODAY: ...

Mechanical Keyboards LIVE! - Building a custom TKL from

1 г. назад

Today I'm building a custom Carbon Fiber TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboard with Zealios and the GON PCB. Get all the parts to make it yourself: ...

Turn your QFR into a programmable keyboard with a Frosty Flake - it's Mechanical Keyboard heaven

3 г. назад

It's the dream keyboard. Fully programmable, mechanical and cheap as hell. What more could you want? Buy a Frosty Flake here: ...

Drevo84 - The Bargain Backlit Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard

1 г. назад

It's unusual, difficult to find keycaps for and not the most high quality keyboard out there (it uses Cherry MX clones called Outemus). But, for the money, it's pretty ...

LIVE! After Hours with Skiwithpete

2 г. назад

Talking Soldering today... --- Get some of the other stuff I have on my desk: 5 port Vodool charger: My drawers: ...

Mechanical Keyboards Live! - building a Gaming keyboard from scratch

1 г. назад

On today's livestream: - Showing off the parts, and assembling a pure Gaming keyboard Here's the parts list: - Universal 60% Black Carbon Fiber ...

Mechanical Keyboards LIVE! After hours Testing Topre to MX sliders.

1 г. назад

Testing Topre to Cherry MX sliders from Get them here: --- FAQ: What's the keyboard in ...

60% Gaming Keyboard Build from 1upkeyboards

1 г. назад

I'm building a 60% with Black Switches - why Black? Because Black springs are stiffer, which means faster rebounds, which means more APM. More APM is ...

How to: POK3R Programmable Layers

2 г. назад

The POK3R is an on-board programmable keyboard and that's one of the reasons that this is very much THE standard when it comes to 60% keyboards.

OPOLAR - USB Desktop FAN: the official fan of Skiwithpete!

2 г. назад

It's mailbag time and this week, I've got something pretty cool (pun intended). It doesn't suck (yes). So let's give it a spin (this is a fun game, forget the video).

Mechanical Keyboards Live! - repairs and a keyboard build

1 г. назад

On today's livestream: - Keyboard repairs on a custom build - Building an LJD61up in Stainless Steel - like this one: