What's Inside?

What's inside a Piano?

6 дн. назад

We DROPPED a Piano 40 ft off a FORKLIFT and it EXPLODED!!! Check out our latest vids here: ...

What's inside a Magic Chess Board?

2 нед. назад

You've never seen a chess board like this - It plays against you! We have to figure out how this thing works! Thanks to Square Off for the awesome chess board!

Whats inside a Mexican Jumping Bean?

3 нед. назад

It moves, it shakes, it's alive! Is there really something inside of a Mexican jumping bean?! We're giving away 100 BEANS! Enter to WIN HERE: ...

What's inside a Microwave Popcorn Bag?

4 нед. назад

It's tasty, yummy, buttery goodness! But what does it look like on the inside?? Check out what happens when we put METAL in a microwave here: ...

What’s inside a Levitating Earth?

1 мес. назад

What makes this globe levitate? Is it magic? We find out! Happy Earth Day! Get your own levitating globe here: Watch our other Tech ...

What's inside a Polished Japanese Foil Ball?

1 мес. назад

We CUT OPEN a Tin Foil Ball! These were HARD to make! Watch us make it here: Follow us on Twitter: ...

What's inside EXPENSIVE vs CHEAP SQUISHY Toys?

2 мес. назад

We CUT OPEN our Real Japanese Squishies! Is it worth buying the expensive ones? Watch us go squishy shopping HERE:!

What's inside an ATM?

2 мес. назад

We found an ATM Machine and CUT IT OPEN to find Money!! What should we do with all the money?? Thanks to our friend Devin Supertramp for helping film ...

What's inside a Mercedes S-Class Seat?

2 мес. назад

We CUT OPEN the NICEST Seat in the WORLD!! See inside the SECRET Mercedes Vault: Thanks for sending us out and giving ...

What's inside Pizza Ordering Shoes?

2 мес. назад

We CUT OPEN Pizza Hut Pie Tops II to see how it actually works! Watch our other shoe videos here: ...

What's inside a MAMMOTH TOOTH?

2 мес. назад

Thanks to Invisalign clear aligners for sponsoring this video! A prescription is required for Invisalign treatment. See your doctor. In rare cases allergic reaction ...

What's inside a $400 vs $50 Cooler?

2 мес. назад

We CUT OPEN a Yeti Cooler! Is it worth the money? Watch our Yeti Cup video here: Follow us on Twitter: ...

What's inside a College Basketball Scoreboard?

2 мес. назад

We DESTROYED a REAL College Scoreboard!?! Make sure to Hack The Bracket with Adobe Here: Join us in a fun Bracket Challenge ...

What's inside the most POWERFUL Dyson Vacuum?

3 мес. назад

Thanks to Dyson for sponsoring this video! Click here to check out more information on the new Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Watch our ...

What's inside a Bulletproof Backpack?

3 мес. назад

MOST Backpacks DO NOT Protect from an AR-15. This is one of the ONLY options I found: We will be donating Proceeds From ...

Whats inside a FLAMING BATTLE AX?

3 мес. назад

WHY do people Juggle these!?! Josh Horton is incredible with these dangerous items! Check out Jake and Josh here: What's ...

What's inside a SQUARE BASKETBALL?

3 мес. назад

We CUT OPEN a Square Basketball Training tool. Does it work? Watch EB&J: Learn more about The Qube: ...

What's inside an Electrical Transformer?

3 мес. назад

We CUT OPEN a Power Transformer! Video in collaboration with Bill and Melinda Gates, read their letter here: Watch our ...

What's inside Apple HomePod?

3 мес. назад

We CUT OPEN an Apple HomePod!?! Is this a good speaker? Win one here: We post a new video EVERY ...

Whats inside Dinosaur Poop?

3 мес. назад

This is NOT Clickbait! Coprolite is the technical term for this 35 million year old Dung from a Dinosaur. UPDATE! Look what Bobby Duke Made from this!!

What's inside Juggling Balls?

4 мес. назад

We CUT OPEN Juggling Balls and found STRANGE Stuff! Learn to Juggle here: Subscribe to Josh and Jake Here: ...