Jack Sharkey -vs- Phil Scott, Madison Square Garden Stadium, Miami, Florida, February 28, 1930
"In the 1920s and 30s, the heavyweight championship was held by boxers from the US, Germany and Italy. The UK offered a number of title worthy challengers during that time. One of the uncrowned, and unsung, was Phil Scott. Born in 1900, Scott served as a teenager in the First World War and began boxing in 1921. At 6'3 1/2" Scott was a giant in his day. He preferred to work on the outside, using a quick left to enforce his advantage in height and reach. His early record was spotty until a string of wins put him on jack Dempsey's waiting list. But in September 1925, Paulino Uzcudun stopped Scott in six rounds. Fighting on, Scott ascended again, including two wins over Tom Heeney. By 1930 Scott was one fight away from a title match. All he had to do was get past Jack Sharkey . . . "

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Jack Sharkey -vs- Phil Scott (16mm Transfer) Rare 1930 Heavyweight Fight!